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NNMi HPLN page is now live

NNMi HPLN page is now live


Guest post by Carole Balawender

Information Engineering Team Lead

HP Network Management Center 


We have just launched the new Network Node Manager i software (NNMi) page on HP Live Network. Use this page to stay abreast of the latest HP Network Node Manager i Software (NNMi) announcements, forum discussions, support sites, download sites, product documentation, and videos…all in a one-stop-shop web page.

Just navigate to the NNMi HP Live Network page at the following URL:

Once there, learn about the NNMi Premium and NNMi Ultimate product offerings, including the features introduced in NNMi 10.00.



Also, use this site to connect with the rest of the NNMi user community on Linkedin.


Our video postings include the following short videos that introduce some of the new NNMi 10.00 features:

  • Map Annotations – Walks you through adding annotations to a Node Group map. This feature is useful for grouping one or more sets of nodes. For example, you might want to group nodes in the same building location or organize a set of nodes by type.
  • Map Navigation - Describes the options for navigating map views, including the new Overview Map feature. The Overview Map displays a miniaturized map image in which you can easily manipulate the larger map image. For example, use the Overview Map feature to enlarge or pan to a specified map area.
  • Scheduled Outage – Explains how to prevent NNMi from generating incidents for those nodes that are shut down for scheduled maintenance. During the specified Scheduled Outage time period, NNMi changes the Node Management Mode to Out-of-Service and suspends any Discovery or Monitoring of that Node. When the specified time period ends, NNMi changes the Node Management Mode to Managed, gathers current information, and updates the Node data. You can configure a scheduled outage for the past or future time frame.

Don’t miss out. Bookmark the NNMi HPLN page today!


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