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NNMi 10.20 and NA 10.20 Release - Improving usability and security!

NNMi 10.20 and NA 10.20 Release - Improving usability and security!


The new 10.20 release of Network Node Manager (NNMi) and Network Automation (NA) continues the long history of delivering  integrations and customer requested features for monitoring and managing some of the most complex networks in the world.

Key additions in this release:

  • UI Updates
  • Usability
  • Common Criteria

In this version, the UI updates and the rebranding effort are complete!  The new look and feel is more modern and easier to use, making the tool friendlier to first time users and long-time proponents alike.

Updated NA UIUpdated NA UI

Updated NNMi UIUpdated NNMi UI 

 Also in NA are some great additions to the usability, including:

  • Search enhancements to ease use of regular expressions
  • Support of OpenJDK and tools to allow switching to other JREs
  • New DB options including shipping with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL, increasing the number of searchable records

NA now more tightly integrates with OBR allowing users to create custom, historical and trend reports necessary to better manage device configuration and enhance auditing.

Custom OBR report leveraging the 'historical' configuration data for a date rangeCustom OBR report leveraging the 'historical' configuration data for a date rangeLike we did with NA in 2015, this release of NNMi includes the security enhancements necessary to compete in federal, banking, healthcare and other security conscious markets.  With the inclusion of a FIPS-Certified cryptographic module and a Common Criteria Certification coming early next year, we can give customers and partners the evidence necessary to ensure we are meeting their security requirements. Common Criteria certification status for NNMiCommon Criteria certification status for NNMiOn the performance side of NNMi, this version supports a distributed DB deployment model for the NPS server allowing the customer to separate roles in the DB access, such as a read DB and a write DB.  Additionally, the interface and node components support has been increased to 800K without baselining in a Linux Flexible-scale deployment.

Download the new version now and take a look at all the new capability.

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