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NEW! HP's solution for managing private and hybrid clouds

NEW! HP's solution for managing private and hybrid clouds


Written by Ken Won, Director of Product Marketing (HPSW Automation and Cloud Management)


One of the top concerns of companies that are looking for cloud management solutions is avoiding vendor lock-in. This may be due to the fact that VMware is the leading vendor for hypervisors and many people are concerned about getting locked into a single provider.


The HP Hybrid Cloud Management solution is designed to give customers extensive choice and flexibility. It supports multiple hypervisors including VMware, Microsoft and KVM. It includes out-of-the-box integration with public cloud providers like Amazon EC2, HP cloud and Microsoft Azure.  And it has extensive APIs that allows it to be integrated with other vendor management products. Additionally, HP has been a big supporter of cloud industry standards, including OpenStack and TOSCA. It has always been a big focus for HP to give customers choice—and the HP Hybrid Cloud Management platform exemplifies it.


Focusing on what customers really care about

As we move past the early days of private cloud deployments, the customers I speak with are concerned with the issues surrounding how to manage the operations of cloud services.


They’re not just looking for a portal and catalog to order cloud services, they are thinking about:

  • How to monitor cloud services
  • Being able to understand and analyze resource and service usage
  • How to ensure cloud services are secure and complaint


HP’s solution offers these capabilities. By leveraging HP’s deep expertise in performance management, security and operations management, the HP Hybrid Cloud Management solution helps customers with the operational aspects of running a cloud.


The HP Hybrid Cloud Management platform also reduces management complexity by enabling customers to use the same tools to manage both cloud and traditional IT. Now you have the ability to use the same performance management, financial management and security tools as well. HP has been heavily investing in its operations management tools to make them work in both cloud and traditional IT. This makes it easier for admins because they only need to learn one set of tools. The alternative, is to use one stack of management tools for traditional IT and a completely separate stack of management tools for their cloud environment. This forces admins to learn new tools, increases management complexity and cost. This doesn’t seem like the most efficient method to me.


Find out more about the HP Hybrid Cloud Management platform by visiting us at our solution page: Also, learn why Forrester has rated HP as the sole leader of private clouds in their recent report, The Forrester, Private Cloud Wave Q42013. Click here to download report.


And if you are at HP Discover in Barcelona this week, join us at the demo booths and breakout sessions, as we provide a hands-on perspective of what you can expect with HP Hybrid Cloud Management.


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