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NEW! HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite at HP Discover

NEW! HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite at HP Discover


Increasingly, enterprise IT teams are looking beyond simply operating infrastructure cloud services to utilizing more advanced platforms and application services in their private clouds.


The new HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite is here to help them. The suite is a simple package that lets organizations quickly take their first steps to delivering more advanced platform and application services.  It brings together a cloud management platform, infrastructure and application lifecycle management, and orchestration all into an open, extensible, enterprise-grade management platform. 


Organizations can now broker and integrate cloud components into end-to-end business services. This cloud-based platform when paired with application services provides organizations with self-service, on-demand access to development environments and complete business applications. 



Looking under the hood of the CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite

The CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite is specifically designed make it easy to add platform and application services to CloudSystem Matrix environments that are delivering infrastructure cloud services. CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite consists of the following  components :


CSE SS Components.PNG


The CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite may be further augmented with an associated HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service. Available as on-site and remote delivery, it allows enterprise IT to have a private cloud framework installed in their environment. The best part is that the first offering is ready for consumption within 2 weeks—this is up to three-times faster than before. It includes the installation of the cloud management platform and related automation software, as well as creation of the initial cloud services.  Learn more about HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service.



What makes CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite unique

CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite is the fastest way for CloudSystem Matrix enterprise IT customers to move from infrastructure cloud services to the more advanced platform and application cloud services. When coupled with the CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Service, as well as HP’s broad range of Converged Cloud Professional Services, it puts enterprise IT in the driver seat toward being a broker of enterprise-grade cloud services.


CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite provides an integrated cloud management platform that can be extended using other HP offerings to add capabilities like:

  • Network security
  • Software license compliance
  • Business reporting

This is accomplished using products such as HP Tipping Point, HP Asset Manager and HP Executive Scorecard. 



Register now for HP Discover

The newest addition to the HP CloudSystem portfolio puts customers on a path to the Converged Cloud.   The CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite is appropriate for all organizations looking to deploy platform and application services—including many of the 1000 current HP CloudSystem customers.


Now is your chance to hear and see more of HP Software’s new set of Automation, Orchestration and Cloud Management solutions live in action at HP Discover in Vegas. Check out some of the Cloud and Automation Management sessions available at HP Discover that will be made available to you. 



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