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My DockerCon 2014 Amsterdam experience!

My DockerCon 2014 Amsterdam experience!


Written by Meir Wahnon, HPSW RnD


docker1.pngAs part of our open source journey here at HP Software, with the score project, we found that Docker is a perfect partner for our open source ecosystem. Therefore, it was natural for us to unveil score at DockerCon EU 2014 in Amsterdam, NL. HP was a Gold sponsor of the event, and I want to discuss our experiences from the event and lessons learned today in this blog.


Early in the morning on the 3rd of December, we woke up in beautiful (and cold) Amsterdam to start the event at the Nemo Science Museum Center. The sessions started with Docker CTO Solomon Hykes and CEO Ben Golub presenting the impressive community numbers that are behind the Docker open source project. The project represents more than 700 contributors and 67 million downloads! There is no doubt that Docker is a disruptor in the cloud arena.


The event was filled with interesting keynotes that included:

Adrian Cockcroft (Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures and former Cloud Architect at Netflix) spoke on the "State of Art in Micro Services". Adrian, considered by many as a cloud "guru", gave a fascinating lecture explaining why he thinks "micro services" architecture is the next stage in software development. He also discussed how micro-services allow for better scale, agility and speed. He sees Docker containers being a big enabler for the micro-services architecture. He presented several interesting slides that discussed the tools that support micro services today (like the open source project Hystrix by Netflix). For the future, he predicts that Docker Hub will become the enterprise "app store", but he left an open question about the rest of the tools in the Docker eco-system.


The entire session can be seen here:


Henk Kolk (Chief Architect at ING) presented on "Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise". Henk pointed out that ING - a banking and financial services corporation - sees itself as a technology company, and so they are trying to achieve the "highest speed at the lowest cost". In order to achieve this goal, they went through a big re-organization, so they could implement a more efficient Continuous Deployment (CD) process, and he explained how important Docker was in that transition.


The entire session can be seen here:


The first day ended "big" with Docker making several announcements:

  1. Docker orchestration services:
    1. Docker Machine: Machine management for a container-centric world
    2. Docker Swarm: Clustering capabilities for Docker containers.
    3. Docker Compose: Building Docker container stack (based on fig)
  2. Docker Hub Enterprise: On-premise version of the Docker Hub service.

Open API's and open design together with the fact that all orchestration services are optional (“Batteries included, but removable”). These new orchestration services create the opportunity for a broad ecosystem, so Docker suggests.


On the second day of the event, HP sponsored the lunch break and the "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) discussion.

We had the opportunity to present the audience with HP Operations Orchestration and the new open source project 'score'. Our BoF session had "Day 2 Operations" as the topic for discussion. By "Day 2" we refer to all those operations that need to take place once the service is already up and running.


Challenges such as maintenance, disaster recovery, problem/incident remediation are good examples for such "Day 2" operations. By the nature of things, issues in "Day 2" existed before both Linux containers and the micro-service architecture were introduced, and they will happen evidently also in the future. This is why we are focusing our attention on creating solutions to automate handling of these issues.


Because the DockerCon event gathers many great and experienced people, it was a good opportunity for us to validate our solution of 'score' as the solution for "day 2 operations" in the context of Docker environments—or any cloud environment. The feedback we received was really positive and constructive. We were able to confirm that there is no such solution today in the Docker eco-system, and we've been able to review several use cases that might be suitable for us to focus on. Additionally, we had a great chance to discuss integration alliances with some of the other technologies presented at the event.


docker3.pngOverall, the conference was awesome. The high reviews started with the overall organization of the event, through the selection of inspiring lecturers, the relevant and interesting sessions and discussions, and as already mentioned, the great audience of participants.


And one more thing about the event, being there in person emphasized the sweeping excitement around Docker. The growth of the eco-system around Docker made us happy and proud that we are part of this community.

I know I am looking forward to DockerCon NA 2015 at San Francisco on June 22-23! See you there. 


If you're interested in reading more about the announcements Docker has made and how HP will contribute, checkout this blog by Docker


To learn more about project 'score' visit our web-site:


For more information about HP Operations Orchestration check out: . 


Or you can also get our Docker image for OO Community Edition using this command: docker pull hpoo/ooce ( )




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