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Multi-View - A new perspective for displaying the status of all monitors in a single view

Multi-View - A new perspective for displaying the status of all monitors in a single view


While monitoring your IT environment using HP SiteScope, wouldn’t it be great to see all your monitors in one view.
You might also want to see monitors grouped in different ways, instead of in the standard SiteScope hierarchical view.

And what about being able to view SiteScope on a tablet or on a large screen…


SiteScope now provides all these options and much more in Multi-View!


View all your monitors on the screen simultaneously

The new Multi-View utilizes the entire screen to provide the performance and availability status of everything being monitored in your IT infrastructure in a single view with the drill down options.



Use Multi-View on large and small screens

Multi-View is HTML- 5 based. This enables you to open it in various browsers and on large and small screens, including mobile devices, tablets, and NOC screens.



Examine data from new perspectives (group monitors to fit the perspective of different personas)

Multi-View includes two new perspectives for displaying monitors: by target server and custom tags.

This enables you to see monitors in various groupings and help you to focus on the problems quickly.


Troubleshoot in an easy and intuitive way

When you find a problem in your environment, you can use Multi-View to help isolate the root cause and perform troubleshooting actions to mitigate issues, such as rerun the monitor, generate a report, disable the monitor and associated alerts, and acknowledge monitor status.



All your SiteScopes together in MyBSM

Multi-View is supported in MyBSM when SiteScope is connected to a BSM server, enabling you to see all your SiteScope Multi-Views simultaneously in the same view.

The predefined MyBSM Multi-View page also displays the status of the SiteScope profile CI of all SiteScope servers connected to the BSM system, enabling you to access and troubleshoot SiteScope without having to drill down to the SiteScope instance.


The new MyBSM Multi-View page included in BSM 9.22:



Customize Multi-View to include your corporate logo and various themes 



So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at Multi-View and see how easy it is to use:



Find out more at


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is it working from specific SItescope version ? any addon installation ?


The Multi-View was introduced in SIS 11.22 version.

It is pure HTML5 technology - no need to install addons


How do you enable the Dark theme in Sitescope 11.24 MultiView?




Multiview In the Event History, which do not show?