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Monitoring PostgreSQL with OMi Management Pack

Monitoring PostgreSQL with OMi Management Pack


PostgreSQL is a one of the most widely used, powerful, open source object-relational database systems (ORDBMS) in the world today. Because of its strong reputation for reliability, data integrity and correctness, PostgreSQL has become the core of many business-critical services. Now we cannot afford any failure or performance degradation of PostgeSQL as it can impact multiple services that are dependent on it. Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you identify problems and about when, where and why a problem occurred or even prevent them. HPE OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL works with HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) and enables you to monitor the availability and performance of PostgreSQL databases operating in your environment.

In this blog, we will go through the monitoring features offered by OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL.

1. Auto-detect PostgreSQL databases: The PostgreSQL Discovery Aspect when deployed on the managed nodes will help you to discover all the PostgreSQL databases in your environment. The RTSM View “PostgreSQL_Topology” enables you to visualize the topology of PostgreSQL database environment that you want to monitor.


2. Availability, Collection and IT Event Management: OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL checks for the availability, collects metric data that allow you to quickly identify, analyze and resolve bottlenecks impacting the PostgreSQL Database. The new release of OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL 1.10 has aspects that are CI-centric and are directly deployed on discovered PostgreSQL Databases. Operators can configure thresholds for key performance indicators and get notified when the thresholds are exceeded. There is also an out-of-the-box Management Template named “Essential PostgreSQL Management Template” included for easy deployment to the “PostgreSQL_Topology” view. With OMi MP for System Infrastructure you can monitor the physical systems that run PostgreSQL. Operators can see correlated events and can identify the root cause of the issues--which will help them to prioritize their actions as they are received.

Key Areas for Metric Collection include:

  • Database server connections
  • Tables, Deadlocks, Index, Locks counts
  • Blocks Hit/Reads counts
  • Cache hit ratio

3. Performance Dashboard: OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL 1.10 pre-designed dashboard provides insight on the performance views that are now available in HTML 5 based UI. It helps you to analyze the historical performance trends of PostgreSQL database servers over a period of time. Database Administrators can use this information to proactively tune performance to improve resource efficiency and optimize the end-user experience.


Key highlights of this release of OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL 1.10:

  • Visualize the performance of PostgreSQL Database at a glance, with the Performance Dashboard
  • Automated Discovery of PostgreSQL database running on the managed node
  • Configuration Item (CI) centric deployment of PostgreSQL Aspects
  • Enhanced support for Operating System (Windows 2008/20012, RHEL 6.x and 7.x)
  • Enhanced support for PostgreSQL database versions (9.4,9.5)
  • Management Template included for easy deployment

OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL makes it easy to identify PostgreSQL database performance issues with out-of-the-box monitoring templates. It also helps  administrators to reduce the time spent on maintenance of PostgreSQL--cutting  down on cost and time.

Try OMi now! OMi 10.11 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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