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Migrating from Windows Server 2003 with HP Data Center Automation Appliance

Migrating from Windows Server 2003 with HP Data Center Automation Appliance


With written contribution by Andy Mackay, HP Software Cloud and Automation Management


20130201_RS_FACTORY_017P3888.jpgCompanies realize that they need to migrate to an alternative Operating System. This could be an upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2, or possibly a switch in strategy onto an alternative platform such as Linux.  However the focus of such a migration is application compatibility. For the adoption of the new style of IT, where companies are considering a Hybrid IT environment where Traditional Data Center meets Cloud. With time running out and many servers still running on this soon to be unsupported Operating System, companies are turning to Automation and Orchestration to support their migration strategy.




Here is how HP Data Center Automation Appliance (DCAA) works

Before any migration decision is taken, you'll have to get a view of the current state of your server estate. Whatever migration decision is taken after analysis, at some point Operating Systems (OS) and applications need to be deployed and configured. Deployment can occur in various configurations, in traditional data centers, private, hybrid or public clouds. In the end, someone somewhere has to deploy a server OS and add some applications on top.


Typically the following tasks will need to be performed as part of the migration:  

  • Inventory: Install the management agent and extract useful server information
  • Provision: Deploy and configure new hypervisors
  • Provision: Deploy the new servers, Windows or Linux on either Physical or Virtual
  • Provision: Deploy applications
  • Protect: Secure the server with the latest OS and Application Patches
  • Protect: Ensure ongoing compliance and control drift


Servers-to-services2.pngIf you are responsible for any of these deployments, then HP DCAA is the tool of choice as the premier management solution for day 1 and 2 management operations in such environments. Find out more details on how HP DCAA can help you with your OS Migration by reading our article posted on the HP Live Network Community for HP DCAA.

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