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Maximize your CLIP with HPE Operations Bridge and third-party solutions

Maximize your CLIP with HPE Operations Bridge and third-party solutions


Guest post by Idan Harel from DoITWise

The advent of new technologies is revolutionizing the way organizations conduct their businesses. The main drivers of these changes are the new technologies around cloud computing, big data analytics and mobility. Internal IT is not immune to the changes from these technologies.




There is a tremendous focus on:

  • IT efficiency
  • Increased automation levels
  • “Focus on the business”

CLIP (Closed Loop Incident Processes) solutions help IT organizations achieve these goals by implementing Event and Incident Management ITIL processes and by focusing on the inter-connections between them. CLIP addresses business needs to reduce the MTTR, and increase the MTBF parameters—allowing higher levels of Service Availability.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operations Bridge provides for industry leading event detection, management and event correlation features. HPE Operations Bridge also provides for an integration with HPE Service Manager service desk software for ticket submission, diagnosis and resolution. This integration effectively provides an end-to-end closed loop incident process. But as we know, many organization use different tools from different vendors for various functions within the CLIP. With increasing popularity of cloud services people are using such services for IT Operations functions, with solutions from ServiceNow a classical example. HPE Operations Bridge provides for well-defined open interfaces which makes it easy to integrate with other third-party solutions.

We in DoITWise, an ITOM & ITSM Business partner, have been building such integrations. Given the popularity of ServiceNow we have developed a CLIP integration for ServiceNow, integrating HPE Operations Bridge and ServiceNow.

Key Use Cases addressed with the integration

  1. Automated ticket generation: The CLIP integration for ServiceNow allows for automated ticket generation in ServiceNow for events received in the HPE Operations Bridge event console. This is implemented via highly configurable forwarding rules. The forwarding rules provide the user/operator with the freedom to define what events triggers a ticket generation in ServiceNow.

2. Manual ticket generation: The integration allows for the operator to generate a ticket for any event in the Event console in just two clicks.

3. Bi-directional integration: Irrespective of how the ticket is generated, both the solutions HPE Operations Bridge and ServiceNow are always in sync. A change in the state of the ticket in ServiceNow, like a closed incident, is reflected in the Event console, and vice-versa.

What do you get?

The following are the key features of this integration:

  • Engine integrating HPE Operations Bridge and ServiceNow
  • Bi-directional Closed Loop integration
  • Manual and automatic incident creation
  • Web UI for the integration configuration
  • Web UI for integration statistics and health
  • Self-monitoring

For more details and to download the integration visit here.

Complete HPE Operations Bridge integration list available here

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Nice info about the integration between the two products :)

This is very nice and it would be great if such integrations would be created for other service desk software as well, like EasyVista.



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