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Managing your IP address inventory with Ping Your Network—NMC Tool #1

Managing your IP address inventory with Ping Your Network—NMC Tool #1


By Mark Pinskey

Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Automated Network Management


Editor's note: HP Software announced last week the launch of six free network utilities. This series of blog posts provides short overviews of how each tool can help you manage your network.

Ping Your Network is an essential tool for managing your IP address inventory, tracking changes and determining whether IP addresses and hostnames are in use and reachable. This is important for identifying what IP addresses are available and assessing the health of specific nodes.

What it does
Ping Your Network does just what it says it does: it pings each host in a given network and retrieves reachability and hostnames for network devices on any subnet. There is no need to build your own scripts, and this tool provides its own UI. It also attempts to provide round-trip time (RTT) for each ping, which can indicate issues with networks or servers.

Simply enter a network address (e.g. or and a valid subnetmask and press “Ping The Network”. The tool calculates all the IP addresses within that range and pings each of them, printing the IP address, reachability, hostname and RTT in a text-base table (Figure 1).


Fig. 1

Click the “Stop” button to end the ping operation before the entire network is covered.

Once the ping action is complete for a given set of network addresses and mask, you can export the results to a CSV file, so you can sort, filter, count or other function in software such as Microsoft Excel.

How it works
HP Ping Your Network pings each of the IP addresses with a default interval of 0.5 seconds and provides reachability (yes/no) as the output.

For each of the hosts calculated, it attempts a hostname lookup based on default name server configured on the system where it is running. the tool provides as the output based on the response from nameserver. If there is no lookup for the particular host, the output is ‘NA’. If lookup takes longer than the default timeout of 1.5 seconds, the IP address is printed in place of the hostname. (You can configure the timeout in the PinYNT.conf file, located in <Install directory>\bin, which provides two entries for configuring timeout settings for ping interval and hostname lookup.)

RTT is also noted for each host and provided as an output. RTT is shown in milliseconds with an accuracy of %3.5f (3 digits before decimal and 5 digits after decimal).

In addition to the four outputs, the tool logs the four outputs (ip address, reachability, hostname and RTT) at: %temp%\HP_PingYourNw.log

Download the tool
Check out HP Ping Your Network and all the free utilities and administration tools that are part of the Network Management Center suite.

Next in the series, we look at HP User Registrations Viewer for Microsoft Lync, which helps you quickly view the inventory for configured and registered Lync users, visualize user registration across servers and pools, check compliance for application versions on client side.

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