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Manage all of your storage assets in one console

Manage all of your storage assets in one console



Guest Post by Shanti Yajnik, Software Product Engineer

HP India Software Operations


One of the biggest problems today’s enterprises face is how to have a single and historical place to visualize and manage all the storage in all the departments. As big data becomes the norm, enterprises are struggling with controlling and optimizing their capacity to keep up with the amount of data.


HP Storage Essentials (SE) provides the solution to keeping up with the increasing amount of information. It is storage resource management software with an unmatched ease-of-use and heterogeneous support that prevents vendor lock-in. SE’s recently released 9.70 version, provides single-pane capacity and utilization support for all of EMC’s storage devices while eliminating the need to manage multiple devices with separate tools. Of course, the support for HP’s own storage devices is also unmatched.


You can also learn more in this datasheet.


There are dashboards which drill-down into the used, allocated and mapped capacity of the storage systems, switches and the hosts. With this ability, the administrator can easily see when the capacity will run out and where to get more capacity. Administrators can now drill down to tap into un-used capacity in a few seconds so that it can easily be re-deployed. This also provides administrators with information about how much storage certain servers are using and on which storage arrays.


While the device management software from the storage vendors can provide point-in-time details on the storage; the historical, forecasted and overall utilization is not known in typical storage vendor software. The enterprises with huge storage levels also need yearly audit details of their storage usage, otherwise they will not understand their usage or their needs.  HP Storage Essentials provides 300-plus, out-of-the-box and customizable reports that can get the information for the customer as needed.


In addition to enhancements to existing integrations with HP Operations Manager (OM), uCMDB, Operations Orchestration and Executive Scorecard, we are announcing a new integration to facilitate consolidated event management. A new OMi Management Pack for Storage Essentials will be available in v9.7 and can be found on HP LiveNetwork.


The value of Storage Essentials in capacity optimization and visualization is without compare.  For more information including whitepapers and customer solution stories, please visit



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