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Making metrics sing with HPE OMI Performance Analytics dashboards

Making metrics sing with HPE OMI Performance Analytics dashboards


The following is a guest post by Ian Glover technical marketing HPE OpsBridge Specialist.

OMi has always had a wide ranging capability in terms of performance data. But the skills to select the right data and link it together have often been expensive and hard to find. Which set of metrics should be examined to investigate a specific performance issue? The interface was also Java based, so plug-ins were needed and these would need updates when required.

PA dashboard1.jpgOMi 10.10 introduced a new Performance Dashboard facility. Performance Dashboards allow several metrics to be grouped together in the dashboard so that those relevant for a specific application or component can be viewed quickly and easily, often without the need to consult a subject matter expert.

The interface is designed in HTML5, meaning that plugins are not necessary to use it. 

Let me show you a simple example:

The Dashboard is accessed from the Performance Perspective from a drop down list. There are predefined dashboards for a number of CI types.

A key requirement PA dashboard2.jpgfor accurate diagnosis of performance issues is the capability to tie in events in the OMi browser with performance data, looking for correlation between spikes in metrics with events indicating impacted performance.

Well the Performance Dashboard has exactly such a facility:

PA dashboard3.jpg


Performance Dashboards show great flexibility and can be embedded either as a URL in an existing portal or dashboard, or in an OMi Workspace.



Using OMi PA Dashboards with Management Packs

PA dashboard4.jpg


OMi Performance Dashboard technology really comes into its own when used in conjunction with a Management Pack.


Here I am showing the Dashboard which forms part of the Oracle Management Pack:


 You see many of the relevant metrics for Oracle presented in a single Dashboard.

For more information about Management Packs, check out these blogs:



Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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You can also see demonstrations and find out more details of this and other features of our HPE Operations Bridge solution in our sessions and at our booths during HPE Discover Las Vegas. Click on the image below or here to register.

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Very interesting and thanks for sharing.

I would like to see the metrics associated to Interfaces, is it possible? I am trying to see the out-of-the-box metrics for the network interface but there is the following error:

No data found for selected resources. Exception occured - Error Connecting to  Datasource : AGENT - Error: could not find the metrics in the data source(s) for...

and when I try to select a different Class Name, the dropdown list is empty but it doesn't display an error.

 However, I can access them from the parent CI which is a Computer CI. See the attached photo