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Looking to transform IT into a Service Broker? HP Codar and HP Propel to the rescue!

Looking to transform IT into a Service Broker? HP Codar and HP Propel to the rescue!


Guest post by Stephane Maes, CTO and Chief Architect, Cloud Product Unit, HP Software


What would you do if you could rebuild your IT without legacy technologies and processes? What would you do if you weren’t hindered by the old way of working and thinking? You would probably buy and rent most of your systems—instead of building them on your own. You would outsource everything that’s not truly differentiating. Doing this frees up your resources for working on strategic projects and building the differentiating applications to create value and increase revenue. If you were able to work this freely, you would transform your IT to become a service broker. IT as a service broker can easily use new technologies and offer its customers (as well as employees) modern services and engaging applications that meet their needs and the expectations.


If you are wondering how to turn this dream scenario into reality, you will want to hurry and register for HP Discover. This three-day event in Las Vegas (June 2-4) promises to be full of engaging sessions and demos that you won’t want to miss. Make sure you register for HP Discover here.


But I understand that it can be overwhelming to figure out what sessions you can’t miss at big events. To help you easily develop your prefect schedule, we compiled a list of sessions that will provide you with the information on becoming a service broker you are looking for. You will hear firsthand from our customers about how they implemented a single enterprise self-service portal with modern UI, and put their users at the front and center.


We even have a session with a company with thousands of service catalog items and ten thousands of self-service requests per month. They will describe how they improved the user experience and increased the customers’ satisfaction. Imagine the knowledge you can glean from this session. You will also get the opportunity to discuss issues you are having and get suggestions from your peers.


At HP Discover, you will learn how to build a System of Engagement (SoE) that even your millennial employees will be using without hesitation. The best part is that you will be able to re-use your traditional systems without re-writing a single line of code. We also have a hands-on session where you can code your SoE using our free tool Jumpstart. (You can learn more about Jumpstart in this blog: Open an early present: Introducing HP Propel Jumpstart and Propel 1.1!)


These Systems of Engagement and Jumpstart are key to your transformation to embracing DevOps. Another angle to the DevOps picture is enabling continuous delivery through easily automating application deployment to any target environment and integrating with your DevOps toolchain. With HP Codar Developers can simply associate to their code, some models of their application, including the infrastructure they need to deploy and run it. That modeling can be done entirely done in code. From their tool, they can then trigger deployment of the code on appropriate infrastructure.

By combining HP Codar for continuous deployment with open source or application lifecycle management tools, developers can integrate HP Codar into an à la carte open source toolchain or in an HP ALM toolchain, and help to bring DevOps to the enterprise.


This is the time to fulfill your dreams of becoming a true Service Broker. Just attend the below sessions and step by HP Propel booth.


Here is an easy guide to the sessions at HP Discover that will help you learn more about IT as a service Broker.


Session ID




Learn from General Motors (GM) how to improve your end-user IT port

Tue: 4:30-5:30


Create your system of engagement (SOE) with HP Propel (Free Hands-on labs. 15 seats only)

Wed: 9:00-11:00



Systems of Engagement for the masses: complement your service and support Systems of Records

Wed: 11:00-12:00


Bell Canada shares their HP Propel implementation with Service Manager and the outcomes

Wed: 12:30-1:30


Discuss the IT portal and service catalog in the digital age

Wed: 9:30-10:30


Keep calm and disrupt IT! Be your own Service Broker with HP Propel.

Thu: 10:30-11:30


Is Service Broker the next operating model for IT? What are the alternatives?

Thu: 12:00-1:00


Five steps to becoming an IT Service Broker


Thu 3:00-4:00


You can also learn more about the DevOps and HP Codar by attending these sessions:

Session ID





Accelerate Complex Cloud Applications with Efficiencies

All Day

All Day


HP Codar - Automate Application Release

All Day

All Day


Make rapid application release a reality with HP Codar


4:30 PM


Streamline DevOps with application-release automation and HP Codar


9:30 AM


DevOps Project CODAR


11:00 AM


Streamline topology design with HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Codar


9:00 AM


Plan your Cloud transformation and develop a roadmap using HP Enterprise Maps


3:00 PM


It’s time to disrupt IT and see you in Las Vegas! Make sure you register for HP Discover here.



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