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Lessons from the trenches: What HP IT learned when deploying cloud services

Lessons from the trenches: What HP IT learned when deploying cloud services


HP Software doesn’t just make cloud management platforms - it uses them in its own business as well. The experiences gained by deploying Cloud Service Automation and IT automation solutions to several HP internal development teams now offer customers incredibly valuable insights, on how they can undertake their own cloud journeys.


As detailed in this in-depth web event, HP Software Infrastructure Services began its journey more than three years ago, transforming data centers to provide unified processes. This included implementing HP Cloud Service Automation, as well as HP Server Automation and HP Operation Orchestration, specifically to optimize Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) compute resources used by dev/test teams. And now, HP CSA also delivers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) within HP IT Global Data Services and HP SaaS teams.


Watch this webinar : Learn HP IT’s best practices for adopting cloud service delivery


The benefits of using the unified cloud management platform for brokering and managing application and infrastructure cloud services were nothing short of remarkable, reducing deployment times from 3 months to 15 minutes (See Figure 1, “By the numbers: HP IT’s Cloud Service Delivery”). The self-serve portal for provisioning Iaas, PaaS and SaaS now provides speed and agility, while HP IT is also able to effectively manage heterogeneous Infrastructure across private/public clouds.



HPITcloudservicegraphic.png3 key lessons learned

But no journey is without its share of bumps in the roads and delays, and HP Software Infrastructure Services learned some important lessons. Here are a few:  

  • Integrate with existing IT management systems — It’s important that your extended systems work with IT automation and cloud service platforms so that provisioning will be governed by existing local and global policies, as well as tie into your current service management platforms for approvals, ticketing and quota management. 
  • Reengineer processes only when necessary — Not every existing process needs to be changed, so evaluate what will deliver significant value (enough to offset the cost) and whether can work around a sub-optimal process.  
  • Make people a priority — Both IT personnel and users need to adjust their mindset in order to adopt the new approach to IT, so it’s important they are included in the transformation and understand the benefits of the final outcome.   

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Of course, these insights only scratch the surface. Get the full story and learn more best practices from how HP Software Infrastructure Services implemented and manages IaaS as well as advanced multi-tiered PaaS and SaaS. Watch now this webinar : Lessons from the trenches: Hear how HP IT adopted cloud computing


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