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Jumpstart report customizations using report templates in HP Service Health Reporter

Jumpstart report customizations using report templates in HP Service Health Reporter


HP Service Health Reporter has been open to custom content creation with report customizations from the initial versions of the product. An often-encountered exercise in customer deployments is custom report creation to satisfy specific use cases. Rather than having to start from scratch, it helps to have templates in place, which offer a standard and easy point of reference for developing a customized report.


The SHR Report Templates are now available on the HP BSM Community Content pages at the HP Live network along with an accompanying technical whitepaper describing steps on how to leverage the templates for custom report creation.


Now you have a set of templates that is already formatted for text fields, page orientations, paper size, block layouts, headers, footers, sample query objects and background logo/image(s). So when the time comes you can leverage the template and add required objects for the new custom report.


The following set of four videos demonstrates report development off SHR universes based on these templates:


Simple SHR Report Creation using Templates


SHR Heat Chart Report Creation using Templates


SHR Inventory Report Creation using Templates


SHR Ranking Report Creation using Templates


This gives a fair perspective of what it takes to build custom reports in SHR be it simple trend reports or Heat charts, Top-N Reports or mash-ups for integration with MyBSM. As you can see, with little effort, we’re able to use and customize reports using the report templates.


We’ve just scratched the surface of the reporting power in SHR using SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence—SHR’s embedded reporting tool. With the help of the report templates, you should now be able to get report development/customization cases done faster and in the manner you choose.


If you are interested in learning more about the Web Intelligence tool used for reporting, take a look at the following documentation available on the SHR Server:


Web Intelligence online documentation on SHR server:    



Also of help are the following:


Detailed WebI Functions and Formulae 


Business Objects Universe Designer Guide


Hope you will find these resources useful in your report development assignments...


Visit for more information on HP Service Health Reporter.

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Thanks for posting these videos. This is very helpful!

A couple suggestions...

The first video (Simple SHR Report Creation using Templates) is a bit hard to see because of the video quality. It's 480p whereas the other videos are 720p. Larger size (1080?) would making watching it much better.

The 3rd video (SHR Inventory Report Creation using Templates) won't play because it's restricted.




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Very interesting, could you please provide a link for shr report template 9.40.