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It’s time to get a handle on your Hadoop Environments

It’s time to get a handle on your Hadoop Environments


In the 2002 Tom Cruise movie “The Minority Report” as his character John Anderton walks in the door, he gets his new eyes scanned, and we hear a voice say:



Hello, Mr. Yakamoto! Welcome back to the Gap.


Anderton stops cold as a HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE OF A HUGE ASIAN MAN now appears standing in front of him.



How'd those assorted tank tops work out for you?


Anderton stops and stares at the thug-like previous owner of his eyes who is now shown wearing a sweater that changes from color to color.



Come on in and see how good you look in one of our new winter sweaters.

Image courtesy – 20th Century Fox


When the “Minority Report” was released , the audience watched with awe at the targeted manner these advertisements were presented to the customer (albeit using borrowed eyes in this case). Now this type of directed advertisement is reality now. In the online world, Amazon, Google, Facebook and tens of hundreds of advertisers are now using targeted advertising to drive up their advertising dollars. Akin to the Minority Report, Tesco plans to start using face scanners to blitz customers with advertisements as customers queue up to pay. Healthcare firms are also using large amounts of data to better anticipate and treat ailments.


There is no doubt that the need to process massive amounts of data is more mainstream today. As shown in the examples above, these systems have moved from simply being proof of concept to being actual business critical systems. And, they are driving topline revenue for a number of industries. Given the relative newness of this technology, standardization is yet to be achieved and there are a number of technologies and vendors that are offering a range of big data solutions. Hortonworks Data Platform is one such standard defined by Hortonworks that brings together about 20 such solutions like Kafka, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and so on.


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While enterprises are adopting big data technologies, their traditional infrastructure continues to coexist. The HP Operations Bridge IT event management, helps the IT Operator get visibility of the entire IT environment in a single pane of glass. With over 100+ out of the box integrations to various applications and vendor tools, HP Operations Bridge simplifies IT management by providing a unified view. This unified view helps to visualize the various dependencies between applications and underlying infrastructure, rapidly identifying root cause and automates remediation – all without too much manual intervention – saving precious operator time.


Coming back to the Hadoop environments, HP Operations Bridge has a range of solutions covering the Hadoop environment. From an integration into Apache Ambari – which brings in the topology and events from the Hortonworks Data Platform – to direct application integrations into the Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Hadoop distributions – the HP Operations Bridge integrations have your Big Data environment covered. The Hadoop application integrations – namely the management packs – can automate the entire monitoring of your Hadoop environments.


These integrations automatically:

  • Discover new nodes and cluster configurations
  • Apply monitoring best practices and
  • Provide out of the box graphs and reports to rapidly identify root cause of issues and capacity forecasting and planning

HP Operations Bridge also helps to map the underlying infrastructure to business services, thereby providing IT Operators with an opportunity to prioritize based on the impact to the business services. Such cross domain and business service perspective gives IT operators a holistic view of the entire environment – aiding faster decision making and problem resolution.



To see all this and more in action at HP Discover, come to:

DT5441 - HP Vertica and Hadoop: Moving from co-existence to convergence, featuring Hortonworks  on Thursday, Dec 4, 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM to hear Chris Selland discuss the Hortonworks Integration with the HP Operations Bridge


You can also come by Booth 4445 to hear more from the Hortonworks team on their work in the Big Data space and the integration with HP Operations Bridge

And the HP Operations Bridge specialists are at booth 4544


Need to see all the supported integrations into the HP Operations Bridge? Visit the HP Operations Bridge community on HP Live Network. Download the development guides to develop your own application integrations or third party tool integrations

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