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It’s about content CHOICE for Your enterprise …

It’s about content CHOICE for Your enterprise …


For a while now, I have been looking for that “special” equilibrium that happens when customers are matched with new technologies. We have to be mindful to addressing their immediate needs. But we still need to provide room in the solution build (TCO) to expand the invested technology, to excite them with more and new technologies, when they are ready.


You know you have a winner when you come across a technology that has been purposefully built from the ground up to support ease of open extensibility across both internal and external systems.  At this point you own a “chassis”, which fundamentally embraces the very notion of choice. It acknowledges  that one size does not fit all. IT Choice is an important proponent for the Hybrid and Cloud space.


What choice means for you …


In the Hybrid and Cloud space, we see that practitioners are starting to move beyond the “tire kicking” phase to actual production implementation. As customers begin their evolution to the cloud, they realize the journey starts with the need to elegantly address content integration of applications and infrastructure (both internal/external). They are looking for a single, unified cloud management platform that easily addresses the complexity of onboarding content across a multi-tenant heterogeneous environment.


The ultimate goal is to empower the practitioner with the choice of which service offerings are staged for the Hybrid and Cloud space. The key will be to offer them an open extensible architecture, like what is found in HP's Cloud Service Automation , to manage existing application infrastructure with easy API integration of third party products.


Is choice built into your environment? Do you know what options it would provide? How much freedom would you have with a tailored system?


To find out how HP Cloud Service Automation can help your business realize its full potential check out HP's latest video on approaching and managing Cloud and Traditional IT. Also see HP Cloud Service Automation in action at the demo booths in the coming HP Discover 2012 event in Frankfurt.




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