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Is it time for Sec-Ops?

Is it time for Sec-Ops?


It’s time to demolish the divide between the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Security Operations Center (SOC). Here’s how to get started.


Step 1: Prioritize

Start with what matters most:

  • Which apps or services are the most critical to your organization?
  • Which ones can’t afford to have a security problem remain undiagnosed for even a few minutes?


Step 2: Collaborate with the security team

Because you’ll be shifting some responsibility from one team to another, it’s important to ensure that everyone understands why.

  • Facilitate communication between the NOC and SOC teams about what they will gain by bringing security events into the NOC.
  • Ensure the NOC team understands the importance of giving the SOC team visibility into certain aspects of NOC monitoring tools.
  • Discuss the various tools you’ll need to accomplish this coordination and the processes you will need to create or modify.


Step 3: Identify the right monitoring tools

It’s important to look for a tool that won’t add new complexity to the NOC or its processes. The ideal tool would consolidate and correlate all events—security and operational—under a single pane of glass. It also should:

  • Provide real-time monitoring information.
  • Allow for customization, so that both the SOC and NOC teams can see the information they need to see.
  • Integrate security system events with the NOC's overall event management system.
  • Connect security-related events with the business services they affect so you can prioritize problems when they arise.
  • Identify a problem’s cause with little or no manual work.



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For more information about coordinating operations and security, read about HP’s BSM 9.1, integrated with ArcSight Logger for greater security visibility.


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