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Introducing the new HP Operations Manager 9.21—experience the improvements yourself!

Introducing the new HP Operations Manager 9.21—experience the improvements yourself!


Let me introduce you to the new-kid-on-the-block for infrastructure monitoring, the latest patch from the HP Operations Manager (HP OM) for Unix/Linux. This patch has a few interesting features that I want to highlight in this post.


The last release of HP OM, version 9.20 had some really path breaking changes like:


  • Reduced cost of ownership with PostgreSQL DB support
  • Improved Robustness
  • Improved Security and accessibility
  • And many other features

You can get a bird’s-eye-view of that release here in this post: What's new with the HP Operations manager for UNIX version 9.20?


Now coming back to the latest patch, version 9.21, let me briefly introduce you to the new and exciting features coming in this release.


You can try Operations Manager for yourself with a 60-day FREE trial here!


PostgreSQL Support in a Cluster Environment


With HP OM 9.20 we saw that you could save almost 50 percent of your HP OM cost with the free PostgreSQL database! This latest release takes it a notch further.

Installing the HP Operations Management server in a cluster environment is now supported with a PostgreSQL database.


                                                                                     Supported PSQL - OM Cluster scenarios



For detailed information about installing and configuring operations management server in a cluster environment, see the HP OM Installation Guide for the Management Server (see below for links).


IPv6 Support in MoM Environments


The IPv6 protocol is now supported in HP OM flexible management environments. For more information on how to configure HPOM to use the IPv6 protocol, see the HP OM Administrator’s Reference.


For more information about the HPOM flexible management environment, see the HPOM Concepts Guide.


Faster installation with HPOM Virtual Appliance


Previously, installation and configuration of HP OM took hours, now it is happening in minutes! Read on to know more.


HPOM 9.21 for CentOS Linux 6.5 offers a virtual appliance solution that enables you to eliminate the need for installing, configuring, and maintaining complex software systems. HPOM virtual appliance contains a preinstalled and preconfigured HPOM system and is available as an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file.


For more information on how to deploy the HP OM virtual appliance to VMware in your environment, see the HPOM Virtual Appliance White Paper.



Administration UI improvements  


Silent Administration UI Patch Installation: Installing the Administration UI 9.21.100 patch enables you to perform a silent installation of the successive Administration UI patches by running the following command: /opt/OV/OMU/adminUI/adminui patch <AdminUI_patch_name>.zip silent


Duplicate Message Suppression support in AdminUI: The Measurement Threshold and Schedule Task policies now support duplicate message suppression.


Administration UI Web Accessibility: Web accessibility is now completely implemented for the Administration UI. For details on what is now available, see "Administration UI Web Accessibility" in the Release Notes (see below for links).  



Other features


Additional configuration variables, support for Jetty server version 9, optimized and improved message inserts into the PostgreSQL db.


That’s not all, there are also new platform announcements: RHEL 7, JRE 8u31, PostgreSQL version 9.4, HPOM Java GUI client on Windows versions 8 and 8.1.


For more details on what’s new with HP OM 9.21 patch, please refer to the Release notes here:

You can also find HP OM 9.21 Install guide here:

Find the HP OM 9.21 Administration UI Help here and Java GUI Operator's Guide here.


Try Operations Manager for yourself with a 60-day FREE trial here!

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