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Introducing SDN Pack for HP Network Automation

Introducing SDN Pack for HP Network Automation


Guest post by Swamy Mandavilli, Functional Architect in the Network Management Center R&D group


Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a simplified approach to networking that separates the control plane (controller) from the data plane (switches). A controlling device makes the logical forwarding decisions and propagates these decisions to the traffic forwarding devices. More than a trend, SDN is likely to be one of the single largest advancements in networking technologies over the past decade.


A recent Packet Design survey showed that the lack of management tools is one of the top concerns holding back SDN deployments. You can take a closer look at the survey results here:

What if network engineers had an SDN tool set with configuration and compliance capabilities, an intuitive graphical user interface, and enough intelligence that operators do not need to know detailed device configuration steps and instructions?


I am excited to introduce the SDN Pack for HP Network Automation (NA)! Now, network engineers can manage SDN on their network from a single tool set. This capability keeps the management of their network simple and scalable while enabling new SDN capabilities. This SDN pack was designed and developed in close collaboration with our SDN research team at HP Labs. It’s the same team that led the research on HP’s award winning SDN solution for enterprise networks.


The SDN Pack for HP Network Automation provides command scripts, diagnostic scripts, and compliance policies for managing OpenFlow on HP switches running ProVision version 15.10 or later. These scripts and policies operate on the powerful NA engine that includes flexible scheduling, reporting, and automated compliance checking and remediation.


Try the SDN Pack for HP Network Automation yourself, a free download.


Command Scripts


The command scripts in the SDN Pack can be used on a number of devices with a single request (run a single task) providing runtime parameters. The Command Scripts in the SDN Pack can be characterized into two groups. Some are granular for specific operations and some are consolidated with several individual configurations combined.

An example granular command script:

ProCurve - Enable OpenFlow Globally

This script enables all open OpenFlow instances on the given set of switches.

An example consolidated command script:

ProCurve – Consolidated Setup

This advanced command script creates an OpenFlow instance and the corresponding controller on the given set of switches. The script performs the following steps on the switch:

  1. Enable OpenFlow on the switch
  2. Create an instance
  3. Create a controller
  4. Associate the controller with the instance


It takes the following parameters:

  • Controller id
  • Controller ip
  • Controller port
  • Controller vlan id
  • Instance name
  • Vlan id


Diagnostic Scripts


Diagnostic scripts collect OpenFlow-specific configuration information from the switches. They enable OpenFlow compliance policies.






The policies in the SDN Pack define compliance standards for OpenFlow configuration.



Download the SDN Pack for HP Network Automation at no cost from HP Live Network to use with HP Network Automation version 10.00 or later.

For More Information


You can learn more about how HP can enable the benefits of SDN on your network through these useful links:

Swamy is a Functional Architect in the Network Management Center R&D group. He has worked in HP Network Management product groups for over 14 years and has 13 patents for innovation at HP.


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