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Introducing HPE Data Center Automation: Reduce Costs and Increase Service Delivery!

Introducing HPE Data Center Automation: Reduce Costs and Increase Service Delivery!


Do you have too many data center tasks and processes that are still being performed manually today?

How is this impacting your system administrators and IT teams?  Are they being overburdened because they have to use their time to work on repetitive, time consuming tasks? Is this impacting their ability to meet customers’ SLAs, leaving no time to focus on strategic initiatives that truly help move the business forward?

The data center has never been more important to the success of the business or its ability to capitalize on new and emerging opportunities. But as data centers have grown in size and complexity, the job of managing the data center comes with a number of challenges.  This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on data center managers and is magnified as they are expected to do more with less.  

Data Center Challenges

Data center managers must deal with the growing complexity and scale in their data centers.   Most traditional IT organizations have IT siloes, too many tools not delivering value, and too many manual tasks/ processes in their environments.  There are more servers, storage, databases, middleware, and applications from many different vendors than ever before, leading to heterogeneous infrastructure sprawl. This causes operational challenges, such as: high costs, inefficiencies, security risks, and unmet business needs often with long SLAs. 

And on the ever-important innovation side, system administrators are forced to work on routine, manual, mundane tasks that prevent them from tackling more innovative projects, like cloud initiatives. How long does it take them to provision and patch their servers, databases, and middleware to meet end user needs? Are they able to meet the compliance and regulatory requirements quickly?  Is the company missing market opportunities because the data center resources can’t scale?

These challenges can lead to bigger opportunities—if you have the right tools. We can all agree that a better approach to data center automation is needed.  You may have currently have siloed automation tools in your environment, but are you looking for an integrated automation solution?

Introducing HPE Data Center Automation

 If so, then let me introduce you to HPE Data Center Automation Solution: an integrated, unified, virtual appliance-based solution that automates IT tasks and orchestrates IT processes for provisioning, patching and compliance across physical and virtual servers, networks, databases and middleware in heterogeneous environments. This solution helps reduce costs, increase speed of service and scale to meet your needs, whether you have 10 or 1000s of servers.

Figure 1: HPE Data Center Automation (DCA) solution delivers scalable IT services across the servers, database, network and middleware in a heterogeneous environment through a single IT operations portalFigure 1: HPE Data Center Automation (DCA) solution delivers scalable IT services across the servers, database, network and middleware in a heterogeneous environment through a single IT operations portalHPE Data Center Automation combines the capabilities of multiple value-rich solutions to provide a unified automation platform that is accessible through a single, intuitive IT operations portal. Furthermore, with the virtual appliance based architecture, the solution can be deployed within 4 hours. HPE DCA provides:

  • Provisioning and configuration: Users can quickly provision and configure resources tailored to their needs, even in multi-vendor environments.

Patching: It simplifies the management of software installation, updates, patching, removal, and reporting; helping you to identify and remediate vulnerable systems based on defined policies so you can maintain compliance.

  • Compliance management: It reduces audit time by automating enforcement, real-time reporting, integrated remediation, and auditing. It also provides up-to-date compliance information to help you control sprawl and compliance drift using a well-defined process of end-to-end lifecycle and policy management.
  • Operations orchestration: It automates workflows for service fulfillment, remediation and security operations, and disaster recovery—so IT teams can design, customize and deploy services securely in test and production as well as across private and public cloud environments

Delivers Groundbreaking Results

Here’s just a few of the benefits some real HPE Data Center Automation customers have seen:

  • Reduced software deployment/provisioning times from 6 weeks to less than 1 day (less than 1 hour in many cases)
  • Reduced service deployment time from 53 days to 90 minutes
  • Reduced the number of engineers needed for server patching from 12 to 1
  • Decrease time to run compliance audits from 32 weeks (8 months) to 2 days
  • Saved over $246,000 per month

HPE Data Center Automation Offerings

HPE Data Center Automation also offers you choice and flexibility with three different editions:

  1. DCA Express, offers automated provisioning, configuration services and patching for compute resources and is available for trial.
  2. DCA Premium, adds network, database and middleware services; delivers compliance services for servers.
  3. DCA Ultimate, provides world-class functionality for an enterprise-wide rollout.

The HPE Data Center Automation Solution is unique in the breadth and depth of its technology and integration. It helps to eliminate manual, repetitive and time consuming IT tasks and processes, saving a massive amount of work hours, which allow system administrators to focus on more high-priority, innovative initiatives/projects.

As the data center continues to grow in complexity, many data center managers have a multi-vendor environment, so being able use a single solution like HPE Data Center Automation to manage in a more holistic and unified way is huge for many customers. The net result: faster deployment of higher quality IT services, for less money. Take some time and see the solution in action by downloading the free trial.

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Nimish Shelat is currently focused on Datacenter Automation and IT Process Automation solutions. Shelat strives to help customers, traditional IT and Cloud based IT, transform to Service Centric model. The scope of these solutions spans across server, network, database and middleware infrastructure. The solutions are optimized for tasks like provisioning, patching, compliance, remediation and processes like Self-healing Incidence Remediation and Rapid Service Fulfilment, Change Management and Disaster Recovery. Shelat has 23 years of experience in IT, 20 of these have been at HP spanning across networking, printing , storage and enterprise software businesses. Prior to his current role as a Manager of Product Marketing and Technical Marketing, Shelat has held positions as Software Sales Specialist, Product Manager, Business Strategist, Project Manager and Programmer Analyst. Shelat has a B.S in Computer Science. He has earned his MBA from University of California, Davis with a focus on Marketing and Finance.