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Interactive Report Views in HP Service Health Reporter

Interactive Report Views in HP Service Health Reporter


Blog by Krishna Rao,HP Service Health Reporter R&D 


SHR includes SAP Business Objects as the reporting platform. Using Business Objects InfoView we can view, edit, schedule and customize the reports. However, to easily explore, modify, reformat, and edit the reports we need not necessarily depend on Business Objects report designers or IT.


Using Business Objects Interactive views we can easily modify, reformat, and explore the Web Intelligence reports. Apart from these there are many key benefits for both ad hoc query authors and Business Users who consume reports.


These benefits include:

  •  Revealing “hidden” answers to business questions
  •  Letting users control their analysis
  •  Increased speed of exploration


End users of Web intelligence Reports can have the easy access to the following features:

  •   View report metadata (object definitions)
  •   View, edit, remove report, section, or block filters
  •   Basic cell formatting (fonts, colors, background, borders)
  •   Advanced table and chart formatting (e.g. relative positioning, chart axis control, pivot tables)
  •   In-line table, chart, and cell resizing
  •   Recombine report objects and variables in tables and charts (replace “Region” with “Product”  in a table to see product revenue numbers)
  •   Set breaks and sorts
  •    Insert calculation summaries (e.g. sum, avg)
  •    Add rows and columns to tables
  •    Create and duplicate tables and charts
  •   Turn a grid to a chart or a chart to a grid
  •    Create formulas and variables
  •    Edit cell formulas in-place and much more …

      Let us take a look at how we can reap the benefits of Interactive Report Views in HP Service Health Reporter… the following video highlights some of these possibilities ….


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