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Improve your hybrid cloud management abilities with HP vPV

Improve your hybrid cloud management abilities with HP vPV


Written by Kumar Munirathnam, HP CSA Technical Ambassador


G377103032005_JPGHighres_96dpi_800x600.pngEnterprises need more agile products to respond faster to business needs. They need business models and services with new ideas to deliver greater value to their customers. Cost, Resource consumption, Utilization etc. are always a key factor with Enterprise IT to deliver value to their customers. Through automation of end-to-end services and integration with readily available HP IT products, Enterprise IT can reduce OpEx by automating common IT functions and reduce CapEx by increasing the utilization of IT infrastructure.


HP Cloud Service Automation (HP CSA) orchestrates the deployment of infrastructure compute resources and complex multi-tier application architectures. HP CSA integrates and leverages the strengths of several HP data center management and automation products, adding resource modeling, service offering design, service design, and a customer portal to create a comprehensive service automation solution. HP CSA delivers hybrid cloud management services through the enterprise-ready Marketplace Portal.


HP Virtualization Performance Viewer is a performance monitoring and capacity analysis tool for virtualized and cloud environments. With HP vPV, you can quickly troubleshoot performance issues, discover means to optimize your virtualized environment for greater efficiency and forecast usage trends of critical resources. Moreover, vPV can provide a tenant view for HP CSA users. With this view, a CSA user can observe the performance, ascertain the capacity and usage, discover means to optimize and see usage forecast of the virtualized infrastructure owned the user. This can be achieved by integrating HP vPV as cloud management software with HP CSA.



Using vPV and CSA together to improve your cloud management experience

HP CSA and HP vPV are both web-based solutions which require users to login to view or perform the corresponding activities. The same user who logs into HP CSA to deploy the infrastructure would also like to examine the performance of the infrastructure deployed without having to re-login to HP vPV. This ability is achieved by integrating HP CSA and HP vPV with single sign-on.


CSA 4.1 now supports HP SSO libraries to enable seamless authentication capabilities with HP vPV. To enable this capability, CSA and VPV need to be on same domain. To configure SSO, turn on the secret key on both CSA and vPV.




The resource consumption link is enabled in CSA by referring to the vPV web server




For detailed instructions on integrating vPV with CSA, you may have a look at the integration guide published hereCSA consumers can start viewing their cloud resource consumption from the Marketplace portal


vpv3.pngAs a CSA user and by using vPV, you can inspect the performance of the virtual machines. You can quickly troubleshoot performance problems by analyzing a rich set of metrics offered for the virtual machines. You can also drill down into the VMs to gain visibility of the applications and processes running within them and identify bottlenecks. vPV provides compute and storage forecast reports as well as days-to-capacity usage projections. You can use these reports to plan for future capacity requirements.


vPV provides VM right-sizing recommendations based on the virtual machine’s historical resource usage and demand. By applying these recommendations, you can not only improve the performance of the VM in the virtualized environment but more importantly, save cost by reclaiming unused resources.


Next, review the following HP vPV screenshots, as they work in lock step with HP Cloud Service Automation. To increase the hybrid cloud management abilities of the IT cloud service broker, across a vendor neutral ecosystem.



Dashboard on Resource Utilization



Forecast of Resource Utilization



Optimize with Right-Sizing Recommendations



Triage and troubleshoot performance issues using workbench



Get Visibility into applications & processes for Advanced Troubleshooting with Real-time Guest OS Drilldown




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For more information on how CSA works with VPV, watch this video which describes the relationship. Then download the CSA-vPV integration guide here. Next, get your free trial of the HP Virtualization Performance Viewer when you visit


You can also visit the HP Cloud Service Automation product page on Further details of HP software product manuals and documentation can also be found here . (Note : You will need an HP Passport to sign in and gain access). Don't forget to watch the HP vPV product demo videos and access the HP vPV platform support matrix for more information. 


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