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If its Cloudy in your IT environment, see how HP BSM makes it shine @ #HPDiscover

If its Cloudy in your IT environment, see how HP BSM makes it shine @ #HPDiscover



Article wrttien by Stefan Bergstein, HPSoftware.


Keeping business on-target means managing enterprise applications in and out of cloud environments, and this can be a hazardous exercise when juggling between multiple tools. A more effective solution to gaining the necessary insight to manage these environments is to integrate these tools and centralize their management functions in HP Operations Bridge.


In my session, B790 - Maximize cloud and application performance with hundreds of Operations Bridge integrations  learn how DoitWise and their customer Citrix have done this, and discover how similar principles provide the means to manage cloud platforms including HP Helion.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Prioritization of typical application failures
  • Linking the business to the IT infrastructure
  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Reducing cost and complexity

We will also cover how to manage a cloud infrastructure from the operations perspective.  You’ll hear about the challenges and why integrating with an operations bridge is a best practice in cloud monitoring. We will also go through an example using OpenStack.


Every monitoring team has multiple tools.  Tools engineers and IT Operations professionals will learn that having a unified console is now possible without doing a major overhaul of your monitoring infrastructure; in fact, you can leverage your existing tools. While you may have tried it before and failed the tools are now mature enough to easily get the job done.


I’ll be at a second session, RT1280 Best practices for cloud monitoring with BSM, which is a roundtable where your peers and HP experts will share their challenges, experiences and best practices. Hopefully you will shares yours also. Please stop by either session or both and say hello.


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About the author: Stefan Bergstein is chief architect for HP’s Operations Management & Systems Monitoring products, which are part HP’s business service management solution. He joined HP’s Management Software Organization 1996 as R&D Software Engineer.  Prior to joining HP, Stefan was system developer and administrator at EADS responsible for a UNIX network utilized in the final assembly line for testing civil aircrafts.


Stefan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences, Luebeck, Germany. His special research interests include virtualization, cloud and software as a service.


You can register for HP Discover here.


Learn more about Operations Manager and Operations Manager i here.

You can also download trials of the software to experience them for yourself.

The OM-to-Opsbridge evolution program including license exchange details is now live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge.
Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

We are pleased to announce the HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade, version 1.1. The HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade enables you to establish a link between BMC Impact Manager and HP Operations Manager i 10 (OMi).  


The key features of this release are:   


  • Support of Operations Manager i 10 and BSM Connector 10    
  • Self-discovery  

The installation package and the integration guide are available at


We are also pleased to announce the availability of yet another extension to our fast growing catalogue of management tools, the lightweight OMi Management Pack for Docker has been released on HP-LN:

  • operations bridge
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