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IT Process Orchestration with HPE Operations Bridge

IT Process Orchestration with HPE Operations Bridge


Post for guest blogger Ian Glover, HPE OpsBridge technical expert

HPE Operations Bridge Suite includes Operations Orchestration – your means to blueprint remedial processes related to incidents, automate them and perform them in a highly secure? manner without error

We all want to reduce the number of incidents to be dealt with by our NOC operators and give them the means to remediate incidents where the root cause is understood and it is appropriate for them to do so.

The event correlation, tools and actions available in Operations Manager i already give us a great way to do this, but what about situations where the remediation is bigger in scope than we can cover with Operations Manager i tools?




Operations Orchestration allows runbooks to be designed and implemented to automate such tacks in a highly secure and error free manner. It is a remediation powerhouse, offering a wide range of pre-defined runbooks as well as the capability to author new ones. Over the capabilities of Operations Manager i tools, Operations Orchestration can span multiple systems and request input from users where needed.


Operations Orchestration can be used in its own right, but also has powerful integration capabilities with Operations Manager i.

The integration allows Operations Orchestration runbooks to be associated with CI Types. It also allows parameters to be passed to a runbook, so that it can be run in context from an Operations Manager i event.

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Great explaination, informative, and helpful.


How many times is Orchestrator used for resolving? Most of IT operators don't trust it and would rather use it as information/diagnostic gathering rather then resolving

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