IT Operations Management (ITOM)

IT Operations Management: Insights from the success of others

IT Operations Management: Insights from the success of others


EMEA customer success.PNGIT infrastructure is changing rapidly with the advent of hybrid cloud and the proliferation of apps and mobile devices. This shift from traditional and virtualized environments to cloud is progressive and implies that modern IT infrastructure has different architectural characteristics and associated management complexities.

But these aren’t the only influences applying pressure to your environment today. Experts predict that by 2020 there will be one trillion apps, driven by 120 releases or updates per year. They will also bring a deluge of data—which is in addition to the information generated by Internet of Things devices.

To help you understand how to manage these challenges, we created an e-book guide so you can read the stories of others who have found success. In particular, you’ll see that many believe adopting automation and analytics is now key to transforming the way operations teams work.

How do you maximize the potential locked inside your data?

HPE Operations Bridge Suite provides the analytics-driven IT event management capabilities you need to sense, analyze and adapt automated operations across IT landscapes from traditional to hybrid cloud.

Operations Bridge will help you transform IT into a value creator and a strategic partner for the business.

In this e-book, you will hear about how customers from numerous industries overcame their struggles, and learn how those companies:

  • Achieved end-to-end insight into the IT infrastructure
  • Reduced mean time-to-repair
  • Prevent revenue loss from downtime and reduce IT staff workload
  • Reduction in events and problem tickets
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

This e-book is filled with videos and case studies to help you understand the substantial and wide-ranging value that Operations Bridge Suite delivers. We hope you take inspiration from these stories and put Operations Bridge to use in your organization today!

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