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IT Operations Analytics at HP Discover – Day 1

IT Operations Analytics at HP Discover – Day 1


Guest Post by Yair Horovitz , Chief Functional Architect - Big Data Analytics 


The first day of HP Discover in Barcelona was a huge success. I spent the day engaging with customers, attending sessions and demonstrating product advancements. Here is a snapshot of the IT Operations Analytics activities of the day.

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Full house at the IT Operations Analytics demo theatre session  


Demo theatre 4.3 in the software pavilion was packed on customers came to hear about HP’s new product IT Operations Analytics.

It was standing room only, as Ian Bromehead, Senior Product Marketing Manager, took the stage.


Ian spoke to a packed audience about the Prepare, Pinpoint and Predict value proposition of Operations Analytics. Here are a few of the points he touched on:

  • Prepare—is about having a Big Data store for IT. Get all your operations data stored and indexed in one place.
  • Predict—is the ability to infer future behavior from the data you currently have.
  • Pinpoint capabilities—enable replaying and visualizing all the data to understand when the problem occurred and what caused it.

Ian was followed by Rick Winford, Senior Product Manager for HP Operation Analytics.  Rick demonstrated the product’s ability to take an intermittent user experience issue, and drill down all the way into the relevant application log messages to find the root cause of the problem.

As Rick demonstrated, the power of Operations Analytics is having all the data available in one place. In the demonstrated use case this allowed a practitioner to isolate the problematic component. In this case it was the backend, and not the client side or the network.


Operations Analytics also helped rule out any infrastructure issue, as was evident from the lack of correlation between the fluctuating user experience and the steady system metrics (e.g. CPU, memory, I/O, disk). As the log message counts fluctuated in a similar fashion to the user experience, this triggered a deeper investigation into the logs, which resulted in finding an application issue.


Heavy traffic at the IT Operations Analytics booth at HP Discover  


Customers and partners alike were excited about the new IT Operations Analytics product.
Booth 4604 in the software pavilion was busy as we demonstrated and discussed the value proposition of Operations Analytics.


Customers were enthusiastic about the ability to see all the data in a single pane of glass, and especially the fact that it afforded a window into all their log information.


Adding the log data was a key point as it enabled a deeper understanding of the underlying issues.

One partner said this was exactly what he needed to enable better root cause analysis for one of his customers. Speaking to his lead technologist, the partner CEO said he’d like Operation Analytics up and running in their lab by Friday.


Come see what all the excitement is about at the HP Operations Analytics booth – booth 4604 in the software pavilion at HP Discover.

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