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I lost my configuration, and I can't get up! Free network management to the rescue!

I lost my configuration, and I can't get up! Free network management to the rescue!

Mark Pinskey

Authored by Brian Kaplan - HP Product Manager


Have you ever had that sinking feeling where you worked over the weekend, making changes to several network devices, and now the network is down on Monday?  Phones are starting to ring and everyone is looking at you. As  the network admin they expect you  to fix it, but you can't because you forgot to back up the configuration beforehand.


Now you are frantic. Talk about a stressful situation.


Backing up network device configurations is one of the most fundamental best practices for any size network.  It is also one of the most overlooked best practices.  You promise yourself that you'll back it up tomorrow, but then disaster strikes before you get your chance. .


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If you backup your network configurations, you'll obviously be in much better shape.  But, is it necessary to backup normal day-to-day operations?  The network may not go down every day; but maybe you need to troubleshoot a problem.  What happens if there is not a proper record of daily activities?


A good first question to ask yourself before you begin is, "what changed?"  Many experts say that 80 percent of issues and downtime are caused by erroneous configuration changes.  So the faster you can see what changed, the faster you can fix the problem.  Admins need some backup capability and also version control to be able to meet these most basic needs.


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This is where the HP Network Device Configuration Inspector (NDCI 2.0) comes in.  This free tool (yes free!) gathers the current configurations of your network devices on a customized collection schedule and can automatically store the collected configurations in a version control system. This repository can then provide easy access to current and historical device configurations and can show changes over time.


Everyone deserves that kind of peace of mind. Download this free tool here.


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To try out this latest tool upgrade and to start managing your network configurations more effeciently all you have to do is click here for direct access to HP Network Device Configuration Inspector 2.00 for WIndows.


To access the entire "HP Free" tool set library just click here.  You don't know what your missing until you give it a try.



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