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How to integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) into OMi 10.60 and OpsCx 10.11

How to integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) into OMi 10.60 and OpsCx 10.11


As a key product of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operations Bridge suite, HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) helps you to automate the monitoring of heterogeneous environments that run several applications with different technologies. OMi consolidates data for event, availability and performance management, analytics and reporting. OMi brings in events, performance metrics and topology from monitored applications of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to calculate your business impact.

That impact can be made visible in our Business Value Dashboard, the data exploited in Operations Bridge analytics, reported on using Operations Bridge reporter, and automated remediation applied to correct the issues in question with over 8000 runbooks already defined.

It’s this collection of capabilities that come together to achieve Autonomous Operations as explained in our e-book here.

Key highlights of Ops Connector for OEM version 3.10 include:

  • Support for OEM 13c Domain Manager
  • Integrates Oracle Pluggable database with OMi
  • New Database policy for Metric Integration
  • New JDBC collector for Topology Integration
  • New Performance dashboard
  • OEM topology integration view

In this blog, you will learn the installation and configuration steps to integrate OEM into Operations Manager i.

Step 1: Install the Operations Connector (OpsCx)
--> Just follow the video: HPE Operations Bridge: How to install an Operations Connector

Step 2: Install OpsCx for OEM on the Operations Connector Node
--> The latest bits available can be downloaded from HPLN
Unzip the package “ProductImage-HPBsmIntOEM-03.10.033-Win5.2_64-release” and install by running HPBsmIntOEM_03.10.33_setup.exe Accept the license and complete the steps.

Now, you are able to view the policies of OpsCx for OEM 03.10 in the OpsCx console.

Step 3: Install the OMi Content Pack
--> The OMi content pack includes the Topology Synchronization package, a Topology View (OEM_Infrastructure) and a Performance Dashboard for OEM.

  1. Locate “” on the Operations Connector host and copy it to the OMi machine.
  2. Unzip “” on the OMi machine and install

Step 4: Configure the Topology Integration
--> To accommodate longer fully qualified domain names, adjust the size of the External ID attribute of the “Data” configuration item (CI) type in OMi.

  1.  Change the value of “Object Root” with string “root” as shown below. After saving you need to logout and login to OMi console.
  2. Edit the “External ID” attribute of the “Data” CI Type and set the value to 300 and save the changes.

--> Provide the fully qualified domain name of the OEM database host and the service name in the file <ovdatadir>/conf/HPBsmIntOEM/classpath/config/


--> If OEM11g to be integrated, then modify the file by commenting the queries for OEM 12c and 13c <ovdatadir>/conf/HPBsmIntOEM/classpath/config/
dbprop.png--> Configure credentials of the user account to access OEM database tables using the following commands
genint.png--> Activate the Schedule Task and XML file policy of OpsCx for OEM as shown here
Activate_Topo.png--> You can view the discovered topology from “OEM_Infrastructure” view in the RTSM

Step 5: Configure the Metric Integration
--> Download the ojdbc6.jar file from the Oracle web site and copy the JAR file into folder <ovdatadir>\conf\HPBsmIntOEM\classpath>

--> Edit Database policy for metric integration and provide the inputs for fully qualified domain name of OEM database host and service name along with the credentials. And then activate the policy.
edit_DBPolicy.png--> Check the data collection on the Operations Connector node
data_collection.png--> Check the performance graphs in the OMi Performance Perspective

Step 6: Configure the Event Integration for OEM 12c/13c
--> Copy the file from Operations Connector node under directory <OvDataDir>/installation/HPBsmIntOEM/event-connector/ to your OEM host and import the zip file.

--> Log on to your OEM Console and add a new connector by using "HP BSM Connector for Oracle Enterprise Manager" and configure with the hostname of the Operations Connector node
configure_OEM.png--> Create an incident rule from the OEM Console where you can automated actions to be taken on specific events, incidents or problem like sending emails, forwarding events to third party connectors.
new_incident_rule.pngWhile adding the rules and actions make sure you have selected the Operations Connector configured to forward the events.
sel_OpsCx.png--> Events can be viewed in the OMi Event Console

We have learnt about the integration and how easy it is to gather systems management data about the events, topology, and metrics in an OEM environment is made available to the OMi IT event correlation solution. From a single console, gathered data can then be consolidated, monitored and processed properly within HPE OMi — now part of the HPE Operations Bridge Suite.

 Ready to get started? Then download the Operations Connector for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

 Try OMi now! Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operations Manager i 10.60 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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