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How to deliver business insights from your machine data with HP Operations Analytics

How to deliver business insights from your machine data with HP Operations Analytics


Guest post by Nurit Peres


Machine data is a crucial source of information to solve IT problems, but it’s also an invaluable source of business data. The challenge is analyzing vast amounts of data to find the relevant pieces of information you can act on.


Operations Analytics 4.pngIn my session, DT1041 Deliver business insights from your machine data with HP Operations Analytics, I will talk about how to get more business value for the data you are collecting from all your devices.


It is not always obvious that there is business value in machine data, but with ITOA, we can identify the business data rather easily.


Here’s an example from one of your peers, a cargo company, investigating a problem using their log data to find a problem in their Oracle database. There were millions of messages at the relevant time.

Separately, they had delays in getting cargo from a few locations.


ITOA found the 20 most significant log messages so they did not have to search through all the messages. While browsing through these most significant messages they noticed that ITOA advanced analytics capabilities also identified that a location is mentioned in some of the Oracle errors. Surprisingly they discovered that the locations that were identified are those that were reported, just recently, to have many delays with no known reason. Can this be related? A short look up found that they are….  This is an example of how business information is ‘hiding’ in your IT infrastructure data

Once they understood the connection between the error and the delays, they now can see the delay problem before they get calls from customers. Now they can be more proactive.


These days CIOs and IT Operations professionals are expected to go beyond providing quality IT, but also business value. This is an easy way for IT to show their business value. This information can be put on a dashboard that will make sense to both business and IT professionals.


Please join me to learn how HP Operations Analytics can use IT data to benefit the business by automating the discovery process, analyzing business metrics from logs, correlating logs with other data to understand potential business problems, and preventing them with advanced alerting.



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Nurit Peres.jpgAbout the author: Nurit Peres is a functional architect for HP Operations Analytics


Nurit has many years of experience as an Architect and User Experience expert in APM and analytics area. She specialize in products for the enterprise users. Follow her on twitter @nuritps








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