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How can a hybrid discovery affect the way you retrieve data?

How can a hybrid discovery affect the way you retrieve data?


Are you having difficulty discovering your hardware, software and their dependencies?  HP Universal Discovery provides a hybrid discovery solution which includes both inventory and dependency mapping in one singular product.  Having an understanding of how IT hardware inventory, applications and infrastructure work together is fundamental to you effectively providing service delivery.


The dictionary describes hybrid as anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds.  In this case, HP Universal Discovery combines agent, agentless and passive discovery method to provide HP with a truly robust offering.  To have such discovery methods in one product provides you with more depth and breadth of discovery, allowing you to see more.  The new discovery engine allows you to easily gather detailed asset and configuration item (CI) information for your specific servers and the applications running on them, as well as inventory and software utilization information. 


In an effort to simplify administration, HP Universal Discovery uses a single UI and data repository to support both agent and agentless discovery of assets to provide detailed configuration information.  A single data flow probes can now be configured to run an agent discovery, agentless discovery or a combination of both.  Providing you with a single interface and repository simplifies your discovery management and delivers more control.


IT organizations have complete control over the timing, frequency, scope, and downtime windows in the discovery process.  For example, you can configure HP UD to perform a low-level network sweep once per month, discover routers and switches once per week, and discover Web servers every six hours. Each discovery run can add new assets and CIs to the CMDB and make changes to existing CIs.


HP Universal Discovery gives you the power to accurately discover what exists in your IT environment and map how it relates to other IT elements that support your business-critical services.  This information is then stored in the HP Universal CMDB and made available to other solutions in your IT environment, allowing everyone in IT to use the same service context.   With the ability to run a truly hybrid solution within your environment, it will affect the way you discovery CIs, store information and make this information available, changing the way you discover.


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