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How are you doing with your SaaS New Year resolutions?

How are you doing with your SaaS New Year resolutions?



At this time of year, our New Year resolutions are often a distant memory  and we have to admit to ourselves that perhaps we simply had our head in the clouds when we came up with them. If this has happened to you, particularly if you were following my  “6 ‘Must Do’ New Year Resolutions for CIOs”  post of earlier this year, perhaps the best solution is not to come back to earth, but to keep your head in the clouds.. Let’s revisit three of those resolutions and I’ll explain why.


Resolution #1: Lose weight (wait): I wrote, “…resolve to accelerate the deployment of critical solutions by leveraging ready-to-deploy solutions delivered via Software-as-a-Service." Accelerating applications delivery is at the heart of the recently announced  Converged Cloud  strategy, which is backed by the long legacy of HP SaaS, stretching back to 2000. As Dana Gardner notes in his ZDnet blog, Top 10 Ways HP Is Different and Better When It Comes to Cloud Computing, "HP has a long software-as-a-Service (SaaS) heritage in test and development and other applications delivery. These are not milestones on the path to full cloud business model adoption, they are core competencies." Enterprises can take advantage of this heritage to accelerate deployment of critical solutions using  HP SaaS and other HP cloud solutions.


Resolution #2: Stop ‘smoking’: I addressed this resolution to reduce stress in IT department. But now there is another stress identified in the workplace. In spite of, or because of the stresses alleviated by the increased use of SaaS, a recent survey by Coleman Parkes of senior business and technology leaders reveals that almost 1 in 2 respondents said there were non IT-sanctioned cloud solutions running in their organizations. What's more, 18 percent said they didn't know of the exact number. And the problem is likely to grow: 58 percent said by 2020, the use of non-sanctioned cloud solutions would be in use in  between 25-50 percent of their organizations. This means the enterprise of 2020 will require a proper sourcing, managing and governing strategy to maintain the efficiencies desired. With HP’s Converged Cloud, you can be confident that policy-based, model-driven service delivery and a single consumption experience across all models will help you manage growth and maximize the benefits of both SaaS and cloud.


Resolution #3: Get finances in order: I had suggested in the earlier post that SaaS is easier for budgeting purposes as it is easier to predict. Also, SaaS is an operating and not a capital expense. Now with the HP Converged Cloud strategy, there is even more reason to enjoy the cost savings presented by cloud computing. Converged Cloud ties together and simplifies cloud services across public, private, and hybrid environments, allowing a more consistent and comprehensive view of all your cloud solutions.


 While the resolutions I presented earlier in the year are addressable through SaaS and the cloud, today HP Converged Cloud helps make it easier for you to meet your goals for the year.


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