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How HP’s CloudSystem Enterprise 50 Pack changes the game

How HP’s CloudSystem Enterprise 50 Pack changes the game


By Michael Zuber

HP Cloud Leader, Americas


In the technology industry, where innovations emerge so frequently, it can be hard to tell what new will become permanent fixtures in our IT toolkits and what tools belong there only temporarily. But every now and then, you come across a technology solution that changes the game by opening up new opportunities for enterprises to take major steps forward.


I think HP has just announced one of these game changers that will belong in your toolkit for years to come: the CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite.


Automating the full stack

What’s the big deal? The Starter Suite—or as we like to call it, the CSE 50 pack—is a suite of software products that empower customers whether they are running HP or non-HP hardware to adopt a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. This addresses not only the infrastructure components, but also all of the infrastructure’s database and application layers. The CSE 50 pack was designed for quick adoption at a lower cost that includes software, support and the initial installation.


I expect the CSE 50 pack to spark many discussions about Cloud and automation. PaaS is far more valuable than just infrastructure automation, because PaaS allows you to reach business users through full stack automation, instead of only automating part of the lifecycle.


Business users are typically more concerned about the software that empowers them in their jobs than what hardware they use—that is, until hardware becomes slow or requires troubleshooting. The CSE 50 pack was designed with them in mind.


Assessing PaaS in your organization


For example, HP has announced two fixed-scope, fixed-price service options that allow clients to quickly install PaaS, assess how much value it offers, and then determine the next step based on their unique situations. Clients can choose either a remote or onsite installation, and are not obligated to enter any long-term initial engagements to use the CSE 50 pack—but we think this powerful software suite will be the start of something transformative in your organization.


Why implement only Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) when the CSE 50 pack lets you adopt full PaaS at the same price you could buy an infrastructure automation solution for? With the CSE 50 pack, clients can get a lot more value without accepting partial and expensive infrastructure solutions. The CSE 50 pack offers so much value and functionality that I expect it will become the base for all future RFP’s and RFI’s.

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