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How HP IT Brings Big Data analytics to the business

How HP IT Brings Big Data analytics to the business



Guest Post by Dan Wood, Worldwide Solution Marketing Lead, Big Data, for HP Software


In the BBC TV drama Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, mentally pulls together seemingly unrelated bits of data about people and events to solve a crime. These scenes offer a fitting visual metaphor for the power of Big Data analytics. In any enterprise, there is a multitude of seemingly disparate bits of data that can help you address business and IT challenges faster and with better results.


Since 2010, HP’s IT group has worked to incorporate and build best practices around Big Data and advanced analytics technologies. The group has discovered new ways to analyze and use all the data in its colossal IT infrastructure to provide a clearer view of what’s happening in the enterprise. The work includes a major enterprise data warehouse consolidation that established a basis for using operations analysis to solve a number of problems, including:


  • Using customer data and behavior to quickly and precisely target offers, boosting sales and enhancing the customer experience
  • Stopping IT problems before they happen to keep HP’s huge IT infrastructure—and the business—humming, with the help of HP Operations Analytics
  • Detecting and preventing grey marketing (unlawful diversion from authorized distribution channels) of HP branded products
  • Matching the right personnel skills to any given client IT project


Throughout the process, we have gained a number of insights and further solidified the partnership between IT and the business. When you bring the two groups together, truly amazing things happen. Business has a lot of questions. And thanks to Big Data and predictive analytics technologies, IT can help reveal the answers that drive innovation.


The Big Data platform that made HP’s Big Data transformation possible is HP Haven. Randy Bell, HP vice president of information management says, “For any large enterprise, HP Haven offers a clear advantage. You don’t have to become a systems integrator to be able to monetize Big Data analytics.”


The HP Haven platform includes Hadoop; HP IDOL, for making sense of unstructured data; HP Vertica, for performing advanced analytics on all data; enterprise security; and a growing number of “n” apps that integrate HP software and industry-specific solutions.


To learn more about how HP IT brings the power of Big Data analytics to bear, read the eBook On the Road to Big Data 20/20.

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