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How HP Connected Intelligence will transform your IT

How HP Connected Intelligence will transform your IT


Written by Manoj Raisinghani, Senior Director, HP Software Product Marketing


G8658097032008_JPGHighres_96dpi_800x600.pngYou must admit, IT today is a pressure cooker. Business demands consistency and agility in how IT releases applications and creates services, as well as quicker response times on operations and issues, and easy-to-use, low-cost services.


Nevermind that IT is burdened by its legacy systems and processes — not to mention its critical responsibility for security and overall resiliency — IT is in competition with new and more nimble external providers. In its relentless drive to get things done, parts of the business ignore risks to data or IP and buy outside services or even create shadow IT teams. To retain control and offer value, IT must move faster.


But IT is stretched thin. If your IT organization is like most, it probably spends most of its time just keeping the lights on. By constantly operating in a manual, reactive state, IT is unable to find time to develop new ideas or quickly adopt new technologies. Most enterprise IT leaders indicate to us that they are missing opportunities to adopt newer business models, or that they’re doing it too late and fail to achieve first mover advantage.


How does IT break out of its traditional silos and transform into the agile, proactive services organization business requires?

Harnessing big data analytics radically changes the game, by infusing the entire IT lifecycle with actionable knowledge that is systematically driven by meaningful data — what HP calls Connected Intelligence.


How we used connected intelligence  

CI1.pngIt’s a hot topic that addresses many of the most pervasive and systemic challenges IT organizations face. At VMworld this year, we presented practical use cases for connected intelligence, including how you can transform service delivery through things like automating application releases to streamline development and operations on-premise and in the cloud.


IT needs to look beyond the traditional type of structured data that’s typically stored in rows and columns in databases and applications like ERP and CRM. This makes up just 10% of all corporate data. Connected intelligence also melds high-velocity machine data from sensors, monitors and feeds, and human information from email, social media, documents and other files.


At this same VMworld, HP demonstrated how connected intelligence, propelled by automation, analytics and user experience, enables IT organizations to:

  • Transform how quickly it delivers new or updated business services through automation and process orchestration, and ultimately self-service cloud delivery with rapid provisioning and full service lifecycle management
  • Deliver services that are optimized for cost, align with business requirements and achieve targeted service levels
  • Assure that business services are monitored and managed in a way that meets requirements for “always on” IT infrastructure.

One example is how connected intelligence empowers DevOps through process orchestration, but we’re also showing ticketless IT service management that is social and scalable, and how monitoring and analytics delivers predictive analysis and precise root cause identification of problems.


Learn more

IT is in an era of high stakes with big risks, but also the potential for huge rewards. Connected intelligence generates actionable knowledge that can drive new opportunities, more satisfied customers and greater efficiencies. Join us now for our webinar on connected intelligence, as we discuss how connected intelligence will bring automation and analytics into one immersive user experience for the New Style of IT.


In the mean time, get caught up on HP’s vision for an Orchestrated Datacenter, and visit the Orchestrated Datacenter solution site at www.  Weigh in with your views in our new Automation and Cloud Management Community (



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