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How Big Data can give IT Operations a winning advantage

How Big Data can give IT Operations a winning advantage


Guest post by Ajay Singh, SVP & General Manager, IT Operations Management


Sitting in IT Operations Management, you may not think you have a “big data problem”, not like other parts of the business. But big data is changing just about every aspect of how business is done, including operations management.


Don’t believe me? Just think about some of the typical challenges facing Operations:


  • Improving service for all IT users
  • Filtering all those log files to isolate problems faster
  • Deciding what to archive, what to delete, and managing it all
  • Performance testing applications, with today’s loads and complexities
  • Understanding how end users are experiencing mobile apps on all platforms and carriers
  • Analyzing 100 percent of relevant data
  • Protecting against new security threats in a world of cloud, mobility, and big data — both inside and outside the network as well as across applications


These are all examples of big data challenges. And like all challenges, they carry both risk and opportunity.


Harnessing the power of big data can help Operations overcome these challenges and turn complexity, high expectations of users and compliance demands into a competitive advantage.


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Big Data innovation changes the game in IT Operations


The business drivers for operations management are clear:


  1. Delivering exceptional user experience
  2. Achieving agility with compliance
  3. Improving efficiency and cost


Those three core focus areas can each be improved through more effective use of big data.


But what is too often overlooked is that big data is much more than just machine data. It’s not even just structured data. Big data also includes unstructured human information.


Harness that, and you capture 100 percent of the data — something that HP is uniquely positioned to do.


Connected Intelligence


IT Operations Big Data.PNG


In an upcoming track keynote session at Discover Barcelona, I will be joined by leaders at HP Software IT Operations Management to show how HP’s innovations can help you reinvent the operations center as a source of competitive advantage.


The key is HP Connected Intelligence, unique technology that blends the HAVEn big data platform with automation to enable exceptional user experience, agility with compliance and cost efficiencies.

At the session, you will also hear how leading customers — including Aer Lingus, Shell, Air France and Bell Canada — are using Connected Intelligence to achieve fantastic results in mobile applications, devops, continuous delivery and service management.

The session will also feature a roundtable with industry experts on what digital business demands, and what IT needs to do to take a leadership position.

We hope you will join us! This session promises to be full of important insights about how big data can help drive business performance, speed up delivery and manage risk.

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