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How Are You Handling Change in Your Data Center?

How Are You Handling Change in Your Data Center?


The following is a guest post by Megan Glick, Product Marketing Manager.

Implementing an effective data center change management process can make a huge difference in IT operations costs, service speed, and even the amount of risk the business is exposed to.  However, any data center admin knows that change is sometimes the only constant when it comes to their day to day tasks.  As data centers grow in complexity, server maintenance windows are shrinking and more and more tasks and responsibilities are added to each admin's role.  So how can you take control of these changes and make sure they don’t define the success of your data center operations?   The answer lies in process-powered change management – using server automation software and IT orchestration software to automate the execution of key tasks associated with server changes and to orchestrate the change process across diverse teams, tools, and environments. This process reduces change-related IT incidents by increasing accuracy and speeds up service delivery through automation and the reduced need for human intervention.  The process is simple:Operations Orchestration and Automation.png

HPE’s Data Center Automation software provides all the tools you need to standardize, automate, and orchestrate server tasks.  Our software automates end-to-end processes involved in provisioning and patching of servers, even in the most heterogeneous environments.  The orchestration engine then connects all of these different tasks and tools across environments, largely eliminating the need for manual touches and allows admins to reallocate their time to higher level and higher value IT requests and incidents.  According to a survey of some HPE automation and orchestration software users, most businesses have seen a 50% improvement in not only the accuracy of changes, but also the acceleration in the execution of changes.  Download our free trial software today.  With thousands of out-of-the-box flows over 80 integrations, you can be up and running in hours and realize ROI immediately!

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Liam Bucher is a Product Marketing Manager on the HPE Data Center Automation team.


Automation tools like HPE OO is essential in the fast paced digital world where change is truly the only constant

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