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Heartbleed OpenSSL: Are your servers still bleeding?

Heartbleed OpenSSL: Are your servers still bleeding?


Written by Andy Mackay, Senior Product Marketing Manager (HPSW Automation and Cloud Management)


HP_Dreamworks_Library3_441.pngSo the Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw was first uncovered nearly two and a half months ago, and yet I am still reading articles that report there are more than 300,000 servers still at risk. We also know that since the initial flaw was publicized, another major flaw was announced. This has left me wondering: Why are IT server admins leaving these servers at risk? Is it because they are simply not aware?


I doubt this very much! Instead, I suspect that IT server admins are aware that their servers are at risk but they are struggling to manage the process of updating OpenSSL. The last thing a server admin wants to do is place their servers and applications at risk by deploying the update to large numbers of servers and exposing them to some new, unknown effect.  


If you are in this position, there is good news: There is a way that you can deploy the latest version of OpenSSL to your servers, safely, reliably — and quickly.


HP Server Automation: A one-stop shop to control and manage server tasks


SA.pngHP Server Automation isn’t a partial fix for today’s server management challenges. It’s a complete, heterogeneous lifecycle management solution for your server environment.


With HP Server Automation, you have a one-stop shop for managing OS provisioning, security patches, audit and compliance tasks, and application release and configuration. Given the immediate issue of updating OpenSSL on your servers, HP Server Automation’s Policy Based Management will help you determine the vulnerability of your servers and more importantly, allow you to remediate the issue in a controlled and efficient way.


And here is the best part: You can start working on this today by downloading the HP Server Automation (SAVA) 30-day trial. Specifically, this virtual appliance empowers clients of all sizes to automate patching, provisioning and compliance.


Here is a quick checklist of what you can accomplish during your 30-day trial:

  • Run a compliance process for your Linux and Microsoft environments
  • Deploy the correct version(s) of OpenSSL to your companies servers
  • Inventory the amount of content available to you via automation
  • Provision new environments
  • Measure the time savings and quality improvements you can achieve with automation 

Don’t risk a Heartbleed vulnerability — Get started today

Sign up for your 30-day trial of Server Automation Standard Edition here or, visit the website for more details. Also, learn more about how HP Server Automation is instrumental to a larger journey towards building out the orchestrated datacenter.

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