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HPE Operations Analytics: A Good Relationship isn't Hard to Find

HPE Operations Analytics: A Good Relationship isn't Hard to Find




What is the one basic, fundamental human need everyone can agree upon and continuously seeks out? If you haven’t already figured it out based on the title of this article -- it’s the need for relationships. There are many different forms that relationships come in: professional, family, romantic, friendship, etc. This need for connection has precipitated a booming industry built around creating any type of relationship you can imagine. Think for a second about all of the different apps and websites created solely for this purpose: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tinder, eHarmony, etc. – the list is seemingly endless.

Each of these products are purpose built to connect people together in a very specific way and some, like eHarmony and Tinder seek to identify the strongest level of compatibility based on data correlation.

While the technology revolution has made it easier for people to connect with one another using data, the same cannot be said of connecting IT and business together. Hewlett Packard Enterprise saw this gap in the industry and created a solution to help simplify and address this within its operational intelligence product: HPE Operations Analytics.

HPE Operations Analytics leverages machine data to help IT organizations identify insights hidden in system silos to resolve root cause of failures faster and improve operational performance with predictive analytics. 

This key component of HPE Operations Analytics delivers the ability to correlate both IT and non-IT data in a single pane. The resulting metric created from this correlation calculation is known as the Relationship Score. Users can leverage correlation to: 

  • Perform root cause analysis faster
  • Help identify problematic metrics
  • Identify connections and relationships between troublesome metrics and logs
  • Improve user ability to investigate causation


Correlations (Relationship Score) within HPE Operations AnalyticsCorrelations (Relationship Score) within HPE Operations Analytics

Essentially, the Relationship Score is a mathematical proof of similarity of behavior of multiple metrics for a given period of time. A value of (1) would be a perfect correlation and conversely, a value of (-1) would be a perfect negative correlation. To put it more simply, the closer you are to either number, the easier to identify where the relationship between the data lies.

Social media and dating apps revolutionized the world by making it easier for people to find meaningful relationships and now, HPE Operations Analytics gives your data the same opportunity for long lasting happiness.

For more information about HPE Operations Analytics and the Relationship Score, visit the HPE Operations Analytics webpage or Contact Us.








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The primary relationship score for me is the ability to id problematic metrics. Will make a genuine difference going forward.


Relationship Score is a mathematical proof of similarity of behavior of multiple metrics for a given period of time


It would be great to see this in real unfamiliar environment and quickly demonstrate problematic issues


Being able to quickly access a longer history will certainly assist route cause analysis and the more metrica that can be applied will improve this even further, A great product.

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