HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
IT Operations Management (ITOM)

HPE Operations Agent 12.00—for the new style of IT management

HPE Operations Agent 12.00—for the new style of IT management


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operations Agent (HPE OA) is one of the top agent-based monitoring solutions. And now with HPE OA version 12 it has taken another incredible leap forward!

HPE OA 12 is the next generation in Event and Performance monitoring. The software has been rebuilt from the ground up for the new style of IT to be better utilized by  modern virtualization processes and cloud data centers.

HPE OA 12 gives you:

  • Up to 50 percent faster installation
  • Complete visibility within your installation
  • Increased performance
  • Improved coverage
  • Better out-of-the box application

Check-out the latest video from the team here: http://hpsw.co/j9XDi83 for more details on the latest version of this monitoring software.

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New Member.

I would like to know if in this version is possible monitoring the amount of the network connection in one specific ports like 80-Apache HTTP or something like that ?.

Every new agent release i make this question, because i am tired to use my own scripts to complementing this capability in the agent.

Honored Contributor.

Hi Glaucco,

Thanks for your question. Out-of-the-box HPE Operations Agent 12 and the Infra Structure Smart Plug-in does not have the funtionality to monitor a particular port. Creating your own scripts to provide this data is one of the ways to address this.

However, if you want this feature to be added to the Operations Agent feature backlog please get in touch with the Operations Agent Product Management through HPE Support to get an Ehancement request created.

Hope this helps.



Micro Focus Expert

Glaucco, if you already implemented the scripts to do this, the same would work with these 12.0 agents. where's the additional effort?

- ramd

Micro Focus Expert

I suggest a new thread to discuss this further.