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HPE Discover 2016: Learn how Operations Agent improves the health of your monitoring infrastructure

HPE Discover 2016: Learn how Operations Agent improves the health of your monitoring infrastructure


The following is a guest post by Vimal Kaul, Product Architect and Master Technologist, HPE Software

HPE Operations Agent provides a platform for discovering and monitoring the health, performance, and availability of infrastructure and applications workloads running on heterogeneous systems, and helps (auto) remediate issues as they occur. With the help of HPE Operations Manager i and HPE Operations Manager, HPE Operations Agent helps you gain real time visibility into applications, processes, and threads by collecting granular events and metrics and provides infrastructure to help you monitor and control them.

The Operations Agent version OA 12.00 had its focus on customer driven innovation to make it easier and improve operations efficiency of monitoring large environments. One of the main features of this release was the Operations Agent Health View.

The new Health View Dashboard is a single pane of glass that gives you full insight into the monitoring health and agent availability across thousands of servers. The dashboard helps you drill down to a specific agent, visualize the monitoring health and agent performance, explore state of the monitoring policies deployed and review agent component level health indicators and performance details.

Dashboard Overiew:


Agent Health View:


Sub-agent Health View:


With the release of the latest Operations Agent version 12.01, the access to the Health View can be restricted, by setting up authentication based on LDAP.

LDAP user access for Health View:


Interested in learning more? Register now for this useful breakout session (BB8450: Optimize IT capacity in your cloud; learn how Exelon gained efficiency with operation agents) at this link.

In this session we will cover the latest and greatest in HPE Cloud Optimizer (vPV) and HPE Operations Agents. Exelon, one of our largest customers, will also talk about their journey towards Operations Agents v12.

Also, check out this Round Table session: RT8230: Improve operations efficiency with customer-driven innovation in HPE Operations Agent version 12

And learn more about the Operations Agent Health View with this video!




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