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HP provides you with more advancements in agentless monitoring for infrastructure and applications

HP provides you with more advancements in agentless monitoring for infrastructure and applications


New software offering helps you with better views and better visibility into your monitoring projects


Today HP introduced a new offering, HP SiteScope version 11.22, which gives you further enhancements in agentless application monitoring software solution that is easy to install, configure and use to provide quick time to value. 


HP SiteScope delivers agent-less monitoring that complements existing agent-based solutions to help you maintain the availability and performance of your distributed IT infrastructure. This proactive, Web-based software provides a centralized view of your entire infrastructure without installing agents or software on production systems. You can gain the real-time information you need to verify operations, stay apprised of problems and quickly address bottlenecks.


HP SiteScope version 11.22 provides enhancements and new features to help with the following:


  • SiteScope Multi-View:  Displays the status of all SiteScope monitors and groups in a single view, enabling you to more easily understand the overall impact of problems in your IT infrastructure
  • Monitor Enhancements:  support for running the Web Service monitor using SSL, support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to the Amazon Web Services monitor, and much more
  • Custom Monitor Enhancements
  • Preference Enhancements:  A quick search to General Preferences and Infrastructure Preferences and more
  • Template Enhancements
  • Calculated Metrics:  Define new metrics by taking existing SiteScope metrics being performed by arithmetic or logical operations and more.
  • Integrations:  Further integrations with BSM, Performance Graphing, third-party integrations and more
  • Improvements to Installation and Configuration
  • Security Enhancements
  • And much more…



Additional information about HP SiteScope is available at

Download a trial version of HP SiteScope at to give it a try today.

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