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HP OMi now includes Automation to simplify IT Monitoring

HP OMi now includes Automation to simplify IT Monitoring


Today applications and servers are provisioned within minutes, don't you think monitoring should be too.


Deterministic monitoring, whether with agents or agentless techniques, can take a while to setup and modify. So when new instances of modern composite applications and infrastructure arrive on the IT landscape, IT has concerns that crop up. There is a danger that the task of setting up IT monitoring of these application will be treated with low priority, and will go into a queue of work that delays monitoring activation, or that monitoring will simply be forgotten or deemed "out of scope" or budget.


Of course when those apps become pivotal to business revenues and service delivery, then IT is expected to monitor them, regardless of priorities, staffing and budget. In other words, the business just expects that somehow these will be monitored by IT, "it’ll just work, IT will see to it".


Application monitoring with the power of automation


HP Software to the rescue! We just released a new software--OMi Monitoring Automation(OMi M.A.)--and it automates the configuration of monitoring for infrastructure and composite applications. It detects new instances of components, from servers to composite applications, and maps them to predefined management templates and “aspects” that model to the desired configuration and resource type.



Whether the monitoring tool used is agent-based or agentless, OMi M.A. separates the “what” from the “how”, and deploys the appropriate monitoring configuration to the target instances.


OMi Monitoring Automation provides a single method to configure monitoring independent of technology. It offers easy-to-tune monitoring and monitoring reporting to greatly simplify and render transparent the details of implementation, and automation to ensure new resources are covered by IT management best practices and standardized monitoring templates.



Here are some of the benefits of OMi Monitoring Automation:


  1.    Automation simplifies the tasks for IT managers and Operators
  2.    It drives compliance. Known best practice-based monitoring is applied to each resource type, greatly reducing the risk of human errors and other implementation complications
  3.  The automation is model driven. This means that modification of the deployed monitoring can be delegated to allow self-service modification by subject matter experts. Tailored Flows are offered to allow then this capability, without them needing to know anything about implementation details. They simply access a service portal and change the monitoring parameters to suit their needs, all changes are recorded
  4.   OMi Monitoring Automation centralizes all monitoring. This renders auditing and reporting of active configurations much easier to govern and administrate.

5.  Monitoring blueprints can be combined to suit service levels. Different classes of monitoring can be offered, assisting service providers to allow subscriptions such a bronze, silver or gold to suit their requirements.


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Hello Ian,

Thank you for publishing this article.


I have one question:  Where do we get this new functionality from?  Is this a seperate download, or is it part of a specific version of OMi?  If the latter, which version do we need to download?


Thank you,


Persistez dans cette direction, c'est veritablement du bonheur de vous suivre.

Do you have a list of what integrated HP products support OMi Monitoring Automation?  This tool will be useful if it truely supports ALL monitor sub-types supported by HP (whether they exist in SiteScope, BPM, OM, etc.



How does it work when the node is monitored using Sitescope? Will the management template can be used for monitoring a node monitored on Sitescope instance.?





Can you give a link to documentaion  related to OMi MA concepts?