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HP CloudSystem and Partners: Which cloud management tool to use?

HP CloudSystem and Partners: Which cloud management tool to use?


Over the past couple of weeks, HP has announced several HP CloudSystem enhancements that focus on working with partners - particularly VMware and Microsoft. I also had the opportunity to spend time speaking with a number of customers on the show floor at VMworld last week.


One of the key questions I got was the difference between VMware's cloud management products and HP's CloudSystem. The same question of course applies to comparing Microsoft's cloud management products versus HP's CloudSystem.


While a feature by feature comparison might be useful to some people, I think that we can conclude that all of these offerings have strengths and weaknesses. So, where do you begin?


I think that it is quite reasonable to presume that VMware's cloud products managed a VMware-based private cloud the best. Likewise, I think that it is quite reasonable to presume that Microsoft's cloud management products manage a Hyper-V cloud the best. However, I think that HP's CloudSystem has some advantages as well - physical server provisioning and good support for both VMware and Hyper-V environments  are a good starting point. HP also allows you to easily move from provisioning infrastructure as a service to software and platform as a service to even delivering services to external consumers. And HP CloudSystem doesn't just deliver tools. There are over 150 HP CloudMaps built around various applications so that you can get your service catalog up and running quickly.


This means that anyone who wants to deploy a private cloud today should probably consider what they want to manage. Do you have one or multiple hypervisors that you want to support, both today and in the next few years? Are you only deploying virtual machine-based infrastructures or do you also need to deploy physical servers as part of your cloud services? And for that matter, do you need to automate the deployment of the physical servers, storage, and network that support your hypervisor environments?


The answers to these questions may lead you towards either our partner's cloud management or HP's cloud management offerings. In addition, there are many nuances in the various products that may make one or the other a better fit for your specific environment. No matter which solution ends up being the right fit for your environment, HP has you covered.


HP CloudSystem has offerings optimized to work with our partners - where our partner tools manage the cloud environment but HP provides the infrastructure and the physical provisioning (for VMware and Microsoft). You can then grow into a multi-hypervisor IaaS environment, move further up the stack to application provisioning and more, or even to deploying services for external consumers. With HP you can start small and grow tall with your cloud offerings.


Have you deployed a cloud management tool yet? If so, what are you using? Are you in a single hypervisor environment, or do you deploy multiple hypervisors and physical servers?


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