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HP Cloud Service Automation – See new, do new at HP Discover!

HP Cloud Service Automation – See new, do new at HP Discover!


This week during HP Discover, we've talked about transformation in this new age of IT. With HP Hybrid Cloud Management, customers can now transform their IT to be more agile and responsive. Customers now have greater flexibility, simpler operations and more comprehensive end-to-end management of cloud services. Read on to understand why with HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA), HP offers cloud leadership that makes a difference.



NEW! Native integration with OpenStack based HP Cloud OS  

HP CSA’s open, flexible and extensible architecture that has been built to cloud industry standards such as OpenStack and TOSCA, is core to HP’s Hybrid Cloud Management. Cloud industry standards are fundamental to the easy brokering of cloud services across multiple hybrid clouds—that is why they are the building blocks of our platforms.  


CSA4_mgt console.pngToday, HP CSA 4.0 provides native integration to OpenStack based HP Cloud OS, for the provision of infrastructure services. HP Cloud OS is HP’s commitment to OpenStack, by offering an open source foundation with a common architecture for hybrid cloud delivery.





With this new release of HP CSA, customers will gain all the benefits of HP Cloud OS for an enterprise-grade OpenStack for hybrid cloud delivery. To enjoy optimized workload portability and enhanced lifecycle management, in addition to simplified installation and upgrades.


This architecture is further supported by cloud industry standards like TOSCA, which offers a common description language to aid in service design portability. This helps easily broker cloud services across multiple hybrid clouds.


It is through this same open, flexible extensible architecture, with open APIs support for third-party integration, that allows HP CSA to provide customers with greater choice by offering heterogeneity across the customer’s multi-hypervisors, multi-vendor environments, including both private and public cloud. This allows customers to protect their current and future IT investments without fear of vendor lock-in.  



NEW! Building cloud services using topology based designs

CSA4 TOSCA.pngCustomers provision the full stack of cloud services (PaaS/SaaS and IaaS) today through HP CSA’s highly automated service lifecycle management platform. They create cloud pools that leverage their multi-hypervisors, multi-hardware environments, including both private and public clouds.

With a new topology-based approach to HP CSA’s service designer, specific details on resources used can now be hidden inside the components present in the service. Service designers simply focus on declaring the components used, without having to describe the detailed resource implementation information required in realizing the service.


HP CSA supports the realization of topology designs today when provisioning  infrastructure services for HP Cloud OS. This is an intuitive approach that complements HP CSA’s sequential-based service designer today, for a simplified design process supporting rapid content development. It offers configurability at the component level whilst facilitating faster service design, with easier customization and simpler maintenance. Powerful modeling tools that service designers can now use, when standing up complex sequential based services for the entire stack or simplified topology based infrastructure services for HP Cloud OS.



NEW! Service marketplace portal for richer, immersive experiences 

The new HP CSA service marketplace portal  has provided the new face of cloud. Offering shared consumer inspired experiences with the HP CloudSystem portfolio; when creating, provisioning and managing both private and hybrid cloud services. This is a defining moment in cloud service consumption, and it begins with a responsive and customizable user interface (UI) of the user's dashboard.  We know it is important for a service marketplace portal to offer a fresh UI with simple navigation. The new portal also comes with an improved catalog browsing experience that intelligently repurposes the dashboard display to various device display size and resolution that the user may be using at the moment.

CSA4 Marketplace portal.png 

You can now personalize the user’s single pane organization dashboard experience with the use of out of the box themes, including mash-ups capabilities supporting URL links, featured services and external content application feeds (e.g. widgets).


CSA4_My Service.pngHP CSA’s offer the use of context based mash-up capabilities under the “My Service” tab. You can utilize HP CSA’s deep linking capabilities to feature realized instances and other measureable properties. Some of these capabilities include showing the topology design of realized instances to streaming relevant news feeds that display information status information in real time.



 Further enhancements to the service marketplace can be found within the subscription management process. You can enjoy the use of an improved service checkout flow which ranges from having the ability to attach documents to service requests to the ability to re-submit on an existing request. Continue on an existing configuration or enforce a subscription end date that promotes the return of unused resources back to the pool. 


CSA4_Catalog.pngOther feature upgrades for HP CSA 4.0 can be found within the new service catalog management user interface experience. Now you can streamline the publishing process by setting approval policy configuration in service instance actions (e.g. modify subscriptions), with support for multi-level user context based approvals.






This is just a sliver of the upgrades made in HP Cloud Service Automation 4.0. You can visit for more information.


Learn more also about HP Cloud Service Automation in an upcoming webinar on the 19th Dec 2013, titled “Infrastructure alone does not a cloud make”. Register here for the webinar.



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