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HP Cloud Management - security comes integrated

HP Cloud Management - security comes integrated


Whenever CIOs are surveyed about adopting cloud strategies, their top concern is usually related to security. Yes, cloud computing promises great opportunities for automating the demand and delivery of applications and services across an enterprise organization, but it also presents several unique security challenges.


Challenges in Cloud Computing Security …

A single technology is not sufficient to protect a dynamic environment like that of the cloud. A risk-based strategy is essential, one where each layer of architecture is secured and integrated as part of a Cloud Management platform. Security events need to be correlated across all infrastructure-network-application layers for complete network intrusion prevention and data protection. Threats and vulnerabilities need to be continuously monitored for quick collaborative triage-fix relative to business risks and responsibilities. This is especially important at the application layer. IT organizations need access to these applications and they need to be designed with built-in security for protection, monitoring and auditing across the hybrid cloud.   


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But before we can address these challenges in cloud security, first we need to recognize that  current cloud technologies are isolated from each other, and are often tasked to work within siloed operational teams. This always results in security gaps and inefficient IT processes.  Let’s take a look at the implications of this practice.



Integrated cloud management with cloud security is imperative …


For mission critical dependencies such as cloud computing security, it is unacceptable to use loosely coupled solution bundles. Instead, it is critical to have a  unified comprehensive Cloud Management platform, with integrated advanced measures in cloud security capabilities. Streamlined operations with consistent security enforcement and a single point of accountability-responsibility are required when delivering across a hybrid cloud environment. With security in mind, IT organizations need to have integrated security as a best practice in their cloud development, deployment and management to help protect from security gaps and inefficiencies.


Within HP Cloud Management, there are key tenets for complete cloud security. Ensuring for integrated security, compliance and governance as expected by enterprises. As we examine these areas further through a series of blog posts, we will also illustrate how HP’s market leading assets and superior innovation are integrated within HP Cloud Management, to help you build and operated your cloud securely.  


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Protect your cloud applications and services with network intrusion prevention today !


Security managers for cloud computing now have more risk to manage and more attack surface to defend, these include:

  • Increased threat sophistication
  • New compliance requirements
  • Prolific use of personal mobile devices
  • Ubiquitous use of recreational applications


Threat prevention, data protection and policy enforcement are significant concerns for companies adopting cloud computing. Real concerns that call for pro-active network and cloud security protection against today’s advanced cyber threats, combined with strong policy-based network access. You need a solution that stops the threat by defending your applications, networks and data with in-line, real-time threat prevention and security intelligence before it reaches your line of business users. This “dream” solution should use advanced real-world threat protection measures drawn from cutting-edge threat research, and sourced from a global community of experts.



HP Cloud Management integrates cloud security with HP TippingPoint CloudArmour


HP TippingPoint's next generation network security solutions provide flexible and modular security from today's advanced persistent threats and high-profile attacks. Working together with HP TippingPoint CloudArmour, and integrated into HP CloudSystem Enterprise, HP Cloud Managment enhances security for physical, virtual resources and cloud-based infrastructure. It automatically provisions and enables security controls when you order cloud services. Several types of intrusion protection are achieved through HP TippingPoint integration :


1.           Perimeter security for HP Cloud Management deployments

2.           Policy enforcement that permits, blocks or tunnels packets for deep packet inspection

3.           Network and security visibility and policy control for VMware vCenter, allowing for IPS and IDS protection of network traffic between VMs running within a VMware hypervisor

4.           Instant-on protection of VMware VMs through cloud services provisioning platform

5.           Firewall zoning and segmentation across trust zones and traffic segmentation between virtual machines


Learn more about HP TippingPoint CloudArmour

CloudArmour logic diagram.pngLook out for the next blog, as we talk more about risk mitigation in Cloud Management. Safeguarding your business data with industry-leading security and event management solutions, using security intelligence and risk management. In knowing what you may not be aware of, so as to quickly collaborate, triage and fix for vulnerabilities.


Meanwhile, start your CIO discussion on Hybrid Cloud Delivery, and ask about the use of HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite to help you start to govern and manage your hybrid cloud environment.

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