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HP CSA certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack!

HP CSA certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack!


Written by Manoj Raisinghani, Senior Director (HP Software Product Marketing)



As you likely are aware, HP has long been dedicated to an open and heterogeneous cloud, which includes support for the OpenStack movement and open standards. Achieving the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack certification reinforces our commitment to heterogeneity across different cloud environments.


Community_walking.jpgWhat does this mean to you?

If you’ve explored HP CSA before, you’ll know that in addition to VMWare and Hyper-V, HP CSA has previously supported Red Hat’s KVM through HP Cloud OS integration. Now HP CSA has a fully integrated Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform solution has been tested and certified. It is jointly supported by both HP and Red Hat, so that customers can build and operate an end-to-end private or hybrid cloud within the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.


As IT organizations continue to evolve their environments with virtualized servers and the cloud, many are keenly aware of the risks of vendor lock-in. Your cloud environment should be open and flexible to adapt to business needs as they change. This latest certification is testament to our view that a cloud management platform should support publicly exposed APIs to facilitate integration with other third-party products. When building cloud services, it is critical to design for workload portability across public and private cloud.


Today, with HP’s hybrid cloud management platform for a single IT service control point across both traditional IT and cloud, by supporting open source cloud computing such as OpenStack, you can now design for portable and interoperable full stack services for the hybrid IT environment. Avoid the pain of vendor lock-in to your current-future investments through an open, heterogeneous, extensible platform. Then take the next steps of optimizing your cloud management capabilities, for an informed, transparent IT service delivery. By providing performance management, availability monitoring and cloud security over a foundation of modular growth.




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Watch this video to find out how your business can transform IT service delivery, to automate and simplify both deployment and management of your choice secure, compliant cloud services across both traditional IT, private and public cloud. Then visit our product page on for more resources that you can download.


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