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HP BSM at HP Discover Las Vegas Part 2

HP BSM at HP Discover Las Vegas Part 2


HP Discover is just around the corner, next week in fact.  Join us at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV June 11th-13th to learn about HP’s latest innovations, developments, best practices, and more.  If you’re in attendance at the event, listed below is a breakdown of the sessions within the HP Business Service Management track.


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BB2916 - A success story on how a partner successfully leveraged the HP BSM partner community program to deliver BSM content, 6/13, 9:30, Murano 3303

In this session, J9, a HP Software partner, will explain how they leveraged the HP BSM partner community program to build their own BSM Connectors and make them available on HP Live Network. Partners who will attend the session will learn about an experience they can replicate while customers will gain insight on the growing catalog of out-of-the-box BSM content on HP Live Network and on the opportunity to use the BSM community themselves as contributors.


TB3061 - SHR 9.30 and Migrating from OVPI to SHR, 6/13, 9:30, Murano 3304

Gain insight to all resources supporting a business or IT service. Whether you are troubleshooting availability and performance issues, capacity planning resources to suit new business services, or auditing IT resources allocations to plan optimisation or migrations, using a model-driven, cross domain view of your IT Infrastructure. With Service Health Reporter, you can gain this much needed insight. In this session we'll discuss migration from OVPI to SHR as well as new fetures such as remote poller, high availability and smart card support for authentication and new languages that collectively make SHR an even more attractive solution.


BB2798 - How PlayTech uses Predictive Analytics to Prevent Business Outages, 6/13, 11:00, Murano 3305

IT organizations use BSM solutions to manage the availability and performance of their business technology. As IT management capabilities evolve, customers are finding new ways to leverage those capabilities and help the business. In this session, Playtech will describe how they use HP Service Health Analyzer to analyze business and infrastructure metrics and gain insight of actual business trends. PlayTech will show how they detect anomalies before the business is impacted thus helping keep their partners and their own revenues on track, with examples of true predicted outcomes that saved the day for this customer.


BB2922 - Monitoring Automation – An Early Evaluation at Fidelity, 6/13, 2:00, Murano 3302

As a long time HP customer, Fidelity has been using various HP Software products to manage a diverse infrastructure in support of their applications and businesses in the financial industry. As any IT organization these days, Fidelity faces constant challenges to do more with less, optimize usage of available IT resources, and empower users. Automation is key to addressing these challenges, and Fidelity has kept a focus on automation as an important part of delivering effective IT services. This session, jointly delivered by Fidelity and HP, summarize findings, observations, and experience gained from a recent Early Product Review of the new OMi Monitoring Automation product. We will set the context with some background on Fidelity, the HP Software products in use and planned, and outline the motivations for examining OMi Monitoring Automation as an important part of the software mix going forward. We’ll also provide a brief overview of the new product.


BB2969 - OMi, Bringing IT all together: Metric, Events &Topology, 6/13, 2:00, Titian 2304

Prior to BSM 9.X, BAC provided a solid offering but it could not be viewed in an interoperative nature or correlative light. With BSM, Operations is now a cost center with a quantifiable measurement. BPM and RUM deliver the foundational EUM capabilities. They cut the tiers they traverse/monitor. Inherent to BSM they provide the metrics, events and topology CIs essential to identify symptoms while contributing to the isolation of root cause. SiteScope, Diagnostics, OM continue to contribute to and feed events and the RTSM building of correlative forensics. The intent of this session is to expose the transformation of 2 Insurance companies (to be disclosed) that have embraced OMi and reaped its rewards. The presentation will look at incidents before and after OMi and BSM 9.x. The challenges and pitfalls faced along the way will be deconstructed to express how they were dealt with. The session will conclude with a look at Melillo BPs developed for APM360 +OMi


TB2919 - Automating Monitoring with HP Operations Manager I, 6/13, 3:30, Palazzo J

Monitoring of composite applications deployed across physical, virtual and private/public cloud infrastructures is crucial to the Business in modern Hybrid IT environments. Using traditional Management tools and paradigms the monitoring configuration in such dynamic environments is complex, time-consuming, and last not least error prone. Monitoring Automation, a new extension to HP Operations Manager i, is designed from the ground up to handle the new challenges of a dynamic datacenter – making use of the RTSM. Come to this session to learn how to dramatically simplify the monitoring of complex multi-tier applications. You will learn how to automate monitoring configuration and to built-in configuration reporting easing auditing and compliance.


RT3431 - Event Correlation Makes A Difference - Meet the Experts on OMi, 6/12, Noon, Lido 3101A

There a clear examples today of customers who exploit event correlation to reduce their event volumes, prioritize events in a sea of red and route the events to the right teams for remediation. Come and meet to share your own experiences, learn from peers and discuss bets practices to get the best out of Event Correlation for your IT Operations


RT3432 - OMi Roundtable - How can Automated Monitoring make a difference to IT Ops, 6/13, 11:00, Murano 3301B

Both Agentless and agent based management techniques define a full specification of Application and infrastructure management techniques. At this conference HP will introduce new technology that renders their configuration and deployment more consistent using automation technologies. What does this mean to existing and new installations? What value can be derived from this new management capability? Meet the experts and learn how some customers are already smiling.




BB3398 - Latest solutions for managing your virtualized and cloud environments, 6/12, 10:30, Murano 3303

HP offers a variety of products for managing availability, performance, capacity and optimization. They support a wide range of hypervisors, cloud services and OpenStack environments. This provide users with diverse options for supporting their virtualized systems and cloud-based platforms and infrastructure. Attend this session to learn about the latest enhancements to these products and the solutions available for your organization.


BB2670 - Latest Developments in Systems Management (OM, Agents and SPI’s), 6/12, Noon, Murano 3303

Operations Manager (OM) is a fundamental component of HP’s systems management and BSM solutions. We continue to invest in this essential product as well as the Smart Plug-Ins (SPI) and Agent technologies. Come to this session to learn about the latest updates from the product managers and architects that are enhancing this platform as well as customer experiences.


TB3011 - From "Zero to Value" in less than 60 minutes with HP SiteScope, 6/13, 12:30, Murano 3305

In a world where the speed of application development and deployment has vastly accelerated, IT Management software needs to keep on pace in order to meet the needs of the business. Come hear how HP SiteScope can be leveraged to quickly deploy a monitoring framework in just 60 minutes!


RT3305 - Managing Performance in Virtual and Cloud Environments, 6/13, 9:30, Titian 2201A

Virtualization experts from product management and the customer assistance team will discuss the challenges of troubleshooting infrastructure performance problems in dynamic cloud and virtualization environments. This is a very practical session designed to help you. We will cover topics such as managing diverse hypervisors, OpenStack, and tricks to quickly identifying root causes.


RT3435 - Sitescope Roundtable Discussion, 6/13, 3:30, Lido 3001A

Join experts from R&D, Product Management and Product Marketing organizations for an in-depth Sitescope discussion. We will discuss a variety of topics focused on best practices, overcoming obstacles, identifying root causes; resolving issues before they affect end users; and more.




TB3324 - A deep-dive into depths of Network Node Manager i (NNMi) with an 'under-the-hood' look into NNMi's core technologies and how they can benefit you, 6/12, 3:00, Lido 3102

For those individuals who have always had a longing to understand more about the details of just how Network Node Manager i (NNMi) accomplishes what it does so well, then this session should hit its mark. If you have ever wondered how NNMi's Spiral Discovery functions or why the Causal Engine is so critical to performing Root Cause Analysis wonder no more. This session will also explain some of the finer points of how to achieve a well running NNMi implementation and how to get the most from NNMi regardless of whether you currently own the product or you are still just kicking the tires around.


TB3051 - How to gain complete control of 'network compliance' utilizing HP Network Automation, 6/12, 4:30, Marcello 4402

This session covers the details on the compliance management features provided by HP Network Automation to manage and control the configuration, diagnostic and software compliance of managed devices. Learn how to design and apply policies in NA to static and dynamic device groups. This session is for everybody who requires a deeper understanding of compliance management and how it can be. See first-hand how NA executes compliance checks and how you to can easily harness this power almost instantly.


DT3439 - Network Management Can Be Free, 6/13, 10:30, Theater 6

A look at the new HP Network Node Manager – Freemium Tool.  Yes you heard that right.  This session will focus on a newly announced “free” version of NNMi to get you started along the path of managing your network at absolutely no cost.  See first-hand what HP is up to when it comes to providing this powerful tool free of charge with no strings attached.


BB3323 - If you already own NNMi or just thinking about taking 'complete' control of your network then this session is for you, 6/13, 11:00, Murano 3304

As networks continue to grow in both scope and complexity, IT organizations continue to feel mounting pressure to increase management efficiencies, simplify overall management strategies, and improve overall visibility while at the same time reducing costs. Of great importance to network operators is the need to ensure a high degree of network availability and performance as well as managing constant change in the network.  See how ANM reduces the day to day complexities of managing the fault, availability, performance, change and compliance of your network


BB3326 - A firsthand look at how HP Enterprise Services utilizes NMC for managing large, complex enterprise class networks, 6/13, 2:00, Murano 3304

This session discusses how HP's Network Management Center (NMC) is utilized by HP's Enterprise Services group to manage extremely large enterprise networks.  A look at how ES provides companies with competitive advantage by seamlessly managing the fault, availability, performance, change and compliance of their networks. NMC's value is specifically designed to improve business effectiveness by increasing the availability and performance of the network and the critical services it delivers. As networks become more and more complex, HP NMC network management technology allows us to keep a razor sharp eye on the most critical of resources, the network.


BB3038 - HP Network Management Center - A "birds-eye" view of the complete NMC management suite with a "What's New" review, 6/13, 3:30, Marcello 4402

Let's face it. Networks touch every facet of our daily modern existence. Networks are growing not only daily by the sheer number of devices which constitute them but also in terms of their overall inherent complexity. To make matters even more complex, the advent of Cloud Computing is rapidly moving forward.  This session focuses on the HP Network Management Center suite of offerings including the extensively integrated, HP Automated Network Management solution. You will learn what's new within the Network Management Center (NMC) and just how NMC can help you ensure your network service is managed by the most leading edge solutions available.


RT3045 - A Network Management Center 'roundtable' featuring Product Managers, Product Marketing and Developers, 6/12, 4:30, Murano 3301A

Have you ever had questions around the HP Network Management Center suite of products that seemed to be just too complex or perhaps too deep to get answered? Did you ever have a desire for a session which would permit you to freely ask the "hard" questions around NNMi or the NNMi iSPIs including performance or even NA? If that's the case you will not want to miss this session.


RT3436 - A Network Automation 'roundtable' featuring Product Managers, Product Marketing and Developers, 6/13, 12:30, Lido 3101B

Have you ever had questions around Network Automation that seemed to be just too difficult, perhaps too deep to get answered? Did you ever have a desire for a session which would permit you to freely ask the "hard" questions around NA and its vast functionality and benefits? If that's the case you will not want to miss this session.


Come see product demo, asked questions and session seats are still available. 

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