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Green your SLA reporting with HPE Operations Bridge Reporter

Green your SLA reporting with HPE Operations Bridge Reporter


A service-level agreement (SLA) is defined as an agreement between two or more parties, where one is the customer and the others are service providers. This can be a legally binding formal or an informal "contract" (for example, internal department relationships) and could potentially be customer-based, service-based, or set at multi-level. 


This blog post makes an attempt to uncover some of the SLA Reporting possibilities some of which may have been “dormant” in HPE Operations Bridge Reporter. Here are some of the report use cases in this context wherein essentially “targets” are pitted against the “actuals”.

Tenant based reports in OBR Cloud Content

Cloud computing offers the benefit of shared resources; uptime/availability being a common SLA metric in such context.


The new OBR content packs for Microsoft Azure and AWS offer reporting on compute services per tenant, which do factor availability reporting offering comparisons against Availability SLAs/thresholds.

These content packs leverage static thresholds for comparisons against the computed effective availability of each compute instance.

Pan-domain Reporting on your availability SLAs in OBR

OBR offers reporting of Availability SLAs on multiple domains – be it Systems, Virtualized environments, Network, Databases, App Servers, Microsoft/SAP environments or Business Applications. While the effective availability is sourced directly from NNMi for Network content, the rest, inherently, leverage a provision for factoring scheduled outages (see OBR Administration Guide for details) proactively and/or in retroactive mode(default 7 days(configurable)), which is thereafter factored for computing the net availability scores for reporting.

OBR offers 24x7 availability reports out-of-the-box for the afore-mentioned content domains.








Also of interest for operations administrators would be the Availability summary and detail reports offered, which capture the actual uptime of servers, their outage periods along with planned outage durations; the resulting availability % being projected against configurable threshold windows in Heat Charts.

BSM/APM SLM Reporting

You would already be aware that Availability KPIs defined in OMi/BSM Service Health are reported in OBR Service Health content.

The Community content for reporting on BSM SLM application that had been made available with SHR9x is now ported to OBR10x and has been refreshed on OBR Community It enables reporting on the SLAs, and their associated KPIs, defined within BSM SLM Application.

 So do visit the OBR Community pages and download now!

… and stay tuned for more updates with additional upcoming community content for Service availability reporting in OBR!

As for any queries you may have, do reach out to us via the Operations Bridge Reporter Practitioners’ Forum.

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