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Graphing Metrics Data in Hierarchical Operations Bridge Deployments

Graphing Metrics Data in Hierarchical Operations Bridge Deployments


If you have used Performance Dashboard (PD) aka Performance Perspective in OMi 10.x, you most likely know how to set it up in order to graph the data that is stored in data sources such as Operations Agent, Operations Connector(or BSMC), Sitescope etc. that are directly integrated with OMi. However, you might wonder what if OMi is used as manager-of-manager and is not directly integrated with each of the data sources – how to graph data in MoM OMi in such deployments? Lets look at how it can be achieved.

Consider an example deployment of Operations Bridge as shown below:


Scenario 1: Operations Agent (OA) Metrics

In this scenario, Operations Agents are connected to and managed by the leaf OM or OMi servers which means the agent and node CIs are in the RTSM of these leaf servers and PD can easily graph the data there.

For graphing agent metrics data in MoM OMi, its necessary that the

  • agent CIs and node CIs are synced into MoM OMi server
  • trust communication established between MoM OMi server and the node agents.

Scenario 2: BSMC/OpsC Metrics

For graphing of metrics collected by OpsConnector in OMi2, it is important that the monitored CIs are brought into RTSM and these CIs have specific attributes set appropriately. The required CI attributes are CI name that matches the "related CI" property of the metric and ‘Monitored By’. These attributes are set correctly if topology is integrated using OpsC topology integration policies. However, if the topology is brought in by other means then these attributes must be set somehow (could be done using enrichment rules) in order to graph the metrics.

To graph OpsConnector metrics in MoM OMi,

  • all the monitored CIs with required attributes must be synchronized in RTSM of MoM OMi
  • Connected Server entry for the corresponding OpsConnector should be configured in MoM OMi server

Scenario 3: APM Metrics

Metrics data of BPM, RUM, SiS and other collectors integrated with APM, is stored in the Profile DB of the APM and Performance graphing component of OMi fetches the data from the Profile DB in this scenario.

To graph this data in MoM OMi,

  • CIs must be synced from APM to OMi and these CIs must have the 'Global Id' and 'Monitored By' attributes set correctly.
  • Connector server entry for APM is also required in OMi which would have been already created as part of the APM-OMi integration setup.

Scenario 4: SiS Metrics

For SiS integrated with OMi3, topology containing SiS monitor CIs, group and profile CIs gets created by SiS topology integration and this is required for graphing SiS metrics in OMi3. Performance graphing also uses Connected Server configuration of SiS server which is part of the SiS integration setup to fetch the metrics data stored in SiS.

To graph SiS metrics data in MoM OMi:

  • the same information as mentioned above, is required. This means that when you sync topology from OMi3 to MoM OMi, you should sync complete SiS topology of monitored CIs, monitor CIs etc.
  • ensure that the SiS Connected Server entries are configured and that the MoM OMi server can reach the SiS servers to retrieve the metrics data.

Some points to be noted:

  • NNMi performance data cannot be graphed in OMi, even if its part of the OpsBridge deployment and integrated with OMi
  •  For APM data, OMi is getting the data from the profile DB of the APM server so it does not require the direct connectivity to the data collectors while in all other cases, it fetches the data directly from each data source

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Performance Perspective is much better than what we could achieve with the classic Perfomrance Manager in the sense we could create dashboard views. Out of box OMi has such views available for System Infra MP and creating similar dashboards for custom data is really cool.


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